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COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Public manipulation in hiring of the new city manager

The council continues to hold “for show” meetings. The hearing to consider the qualifications desired in the next city manager appears to be the most recent example.  The council claimed they wanted to include the public in the process, but there were whiffs of insincerity. I asked the City Manager Search Subcommittee (Stocks and Houlihan) […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Time for the mayor to fess up

Why is Mayor Dalager acting surprised that citizens are demanding real fiscal transparency, rectification of very poor city management practices, and that he keep his promise of being open about unethical gifts and his unreported $100,000 loan with a developer? Weeks ago, the mayor sent Encinitas residents a mailer that said we deserved to have […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: City denies access to infrastructure data

The city of Encinitas continues to deny residents access to important public documents. One recent document cost taxpayers $70,000, and I’ve been trying to get a copy since January. I want a prosperous future for our hometown. It is the reason I research the details of how our city is managed. For the past several […]