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Building Koi ponds

My newest client put me through the paces recently and insisted that I build him a new Koi pond and waterfall. Although I am no stranger to water features or ponds, making a living habitat that works for large, expensive fish seemed a bit daunting. So, I enlisted a little bit of Internet research and […]

Pouring over concrete history

Sometimes, living in these modern times we often take for granted the little things and really how much history and undertaking has passed for us to reach this point. We often walk on our driveways and sidewalks and enjoy the clean aspects of a new patio made from concrete but there is so much more […]

With summer comes weeds

So it is that time of year again. The sun is out and the temperatures are heating up, bringing with it a huge amount of unwanted weeds. Weeds of every sort have begun to proliferate from the copious amounts of rainfall we had this year. Lawn weeds, garden weeds and regular field weeds come in […]

Getting to know all about the art of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, as most of us cosmopolitan coast dwellers know, refers to the Chinese art of placement in the living space. But did you know the literal translation of Feng Shui? It means wind and water. In the Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health. Thusly, good Feng Shui is associated with […]

Add splash of color to water-wise landscape

Creating a low water use yard from an old water guzzling lawn (in my last column) we scalped the sod, installed mounding, placed rocks and created interest with the movement of the soils and the placement of small boulders and rocks. These things by themselves are very low maintenance but they don’t excite the eye […]

Landscape solutions for drought conditions

We have had a very wet winter so far this year. Or so it appears. Typically we don’t get this much rain every season and weather prognosticators are still calling for a continued drought in the near future. With the sheer number of people living in the Southwest, our water usage is going through the […]

There’s a lot of nuance to plain, old-fashioned dirt

San Diego soils can be very interesting and do differ in composition and structural makeup depending upon their unique location. You can find a blend of beach cobble and clay throughout the Mira Mesa highlands, rich porous red brown sand in Leucadia and California Gumbo as we like to call the green compressed hardpan clay […]

Fast growing plants are quick but inefficient

With all the rain that we have been having this year (and it was supposed to be a dry year in San Diego!), designing your landscape with good drainage is a definite must to protect your home. Living in the desert near the coast like we do, dry and wet years will come and go. […]

Agave attenuata: an easy to care for and beautiful succulent

When it comes to succulents, few plants are as beautiful and easy to work with as the Agave attenuata. The attenuata is a native of Mexico and is found throughout the Southwest and South America. It often enjoys the spotlight in many sunny locations of the garden. Very light green in color, almost the classic […]

Proper drainage essential when designing a landscape

So you want to landscape your home, your castle, your best investment? Well, let’s take a look at where you might start and how you would go about the art of landscaping while avoiding the pitfalls of inexperience. Most self-help books and even lectures by professionals in any field will begin with the basics trying […]