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COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Undergrounding proponents’ arguments not solid

Neither the Del Mar City Council members nor the undergrounding proponents provide a convincing argument for advancing utility undergrounding. Justifying initial engineering costs for proceeding, Mayor Earnest resembles Dean Rusk escalating the Vietnam War with “in for a dime, in for a dollar.” Instead of cutting his loss, Earnest continues a divisive and questionable policy […]

Community Commentary: Assessment districts reminiscent of tyranny

Del Mar’s North-Hills and Sunset under-grounding assessment districts confiscate private-property rights by forcing the participation of unwilling property owners. Confiscation begins when district organizers gerrymander the district to include more proponents than opponents. Confiscation ends when the district secures under-grounding by majority rule. Then the opponents lose their withdrawal rights and subsidize the assessments of […]