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Perfect pies made at Vista’s Picket Fence restaurant

Separately and together, John and I have been  dining at the Picket Fence ever since Nancy and Rod Jensen bought the former Carrow’s at 945 S. Santa Fe in Vista. They continued a fine Vista tradition begun at Debbie Ann’s Pie Shop (now the Vista Way Café) by a sister, Ann, and now continued at Debbie’s […]

Food as good as name at Thai One On

Of all the eateries in Vista, it wins our prize for the best name: Thai One On, located at 485 S. Melrose Drive (in the Breeze Hill complex by Oggi’s). Owner-businessman Bill Abii bought the place about a year and a half ago and kept the restaurant going as he extensively tricked it up. New […]

Good decor and menu at Chin’s

My dear husband is a VIP member of Chin’s, an honor he got in palmier, pre-social security days. When the restaurant was being built, John ate there constantly with his last wife and Chin Tsai himself rewarded him. Alas, we’re back to menu manipulation. We love their lunch price of $8.95 for Szechwan Scallops so […]

Enough food to split but too good to share at JF Japanese Cafe

Lately, it seems to us that living up to our “budget meals” increasingly means menu manipulation. To be specific, we admire JF Japanese Café, a convenient step from the Krikorian movie house, and enjoy eating there after an early morning show. But the Sushi and Sashimi Combo, which is excellent, is also pretty pricey ($25.95). […]

Budget Meals Out

We’ve long enjoyed a lunch for two at John Randall’s Curbside Café located next to the Avo Theater in Vista. Trouble was, we didn’t think we could fit a meal into our $10 (arbitrary) ceiling. Well, the heck with it. Good food should be celebrated. A cross between a local hangout and an imaginative and […]