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Through the eyes of a Boomer

My column is one man’s take on life — a baby boomer’s life.

Living life’s golden rule

It was a great seven weeks. I flew home on Jan.18 and came home to some glorious weather. I left on Nov. 30 and the day before was beautiful and warm but a bit chilly the morning of departure.

Finding peace in Mexico

Well, the holidays are behind us. I can’t believe we don’t have anything exciting to look forward to through the upcoming dreary winter. I think that’s why we men barricade ourselves behind the football playoffs, the Super Bowl and then the Final Four. That should take care of those cold or wet weekends until mid-March […]

Starting off the year in good health

You will read this from the 27th of December through the first of the New Year.

Life is good in Puerto Vallarta

I’m living a charmed life. When my last column came out on Nov. 30 I was on a plane to Puerto Vallarta ($435 round trip with direct 2.5 hour flights). I now sit on my bed in my little oasis writing this column.

Peace comes in waves in Puerto Vallarta

Life is funny. Ask anyone who has retired and they will say that they have never been busier.

It’s a different world than I remember

This is one of my tougher columns to write. I was in the minority Tuesday before last. I’m considered by the winners as old, white, moronic, heartless, etc.

Use the election for good

We are entering election week. After two years of campaigning we all have a chance to vote for the persons that we individually think will shape this nation the way we would like it to be.

Debunking myths, and more

I have been writing in my columns lately a lot about debunking the myth that if you go to Mexico you will be kidnapped or beheaded.

Puerta Vallarta is like the So Cal of old

The kids are back in school and now we have that great fall weather in San Diego.