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Jay Paris: Shrigley shrugs off redshirt year, eager to make his mark at SDSU

It was a Saturday morning for San Diego State’s Matt Shrigley, and they don’t come much better.

Jay Paris: No kidding, McCoy has some explaining to do

Most of us have been there, hitting the front door when the kids have already hit the sack.

Jay Paris: This Chargers team has a nice ring to it

Bambi was talking about a snake and you sure this column is heading toward football?

Jay Paris: SDSU faces off against a slick rival

To Saturday’s winner goes the Old Oil Can Trophy, and if that baby is filled, we’re talking some serious stakes.

Jay Paris: The kicker is, this Bennett can coach

La Costa Canyon is playing Carlsbad this week and that’s always an eventful edition of Friday night lights.

Jay Paris: Colts are good and that’s a good sign for the Bolts

After absorbing a black eye in the Black Hole, the Chargers might be getting blacked out.

Jay Paris: Raiders Week stands alone

It’s in the air, and we’re not talking about fall.

Jay Paris: Padres season ends much like the others

It’s nearly time to put a bow on the Padres’ season and weren’t we just in Peoria?

Jay Paris: Mike Riley recalls his North County roots

The ol’ ball coach is returning and he can’t wait to see the old haunts.

Jay Paris: After jolt, Bolts tangle with Eagles

The Chargers stagger into the City of Brotherly Love, and what was it that W.C. Fields said?