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Jay Paris: Try these tips and you can become a Super Bowl expert

While here in New York-New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII, we aren’t new to Super Bowls.

Jay Paris: Kim makes the turn from amateur to pro

The greeting was unusual, this early in the golf year.

Jay Paris: Padres are on-deck, but we give the Bolts one last look

Are you ready for some football? Uh, yeah, and that’s a good thing and quite a switch.

Jay Paris: Chargers looking to lasso another unlikely playoff win

There are big doings in Denver this weekend and all the best in trying to locate a vacated hotel room.

Jay Paris: Singing the Chargers’ praises while chowing on some crow

Down in the Deep South, there’s a saying that goes like this: it’s not the species, but the recipe.

Jay Paris: Another Bolts win could mean so much more

The Chargers’ bumpy sleigh ride comes to an end on Sunday.

Jay Paris: Too bad the Bolts aren’t on Santa’s naughty & nice list

If only there was a jolly St. Nick.

Jay Paris: This potato is sweet for the Aztecs

San Diego State is going bowling and that always beats striking out.

Jay Paris: Chargers are hoping McCoy isn’t Gilbride 2.0

If you squint just right, it’s not a pretty sight.

Jay Paris: Oceanside in final with Carroll as its eye in the sky

It was a bull rush of epic proportions. A stampede seldom seen. An onslaught of humanity that caused Tri-City Medical Center officials to reluctantly wave a white flag.