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Is City Council stonewalling a downtown problem?

I initially became aware of a problem involving the placement of tables and chairs associated with various businesses in downtown Encinitas when I observed a woman pushing a baby stroller being forced to enter Coast Highway 101 in order to circumvent diners in front of a restaurant as patrons were encroaching upon the public sidewalk […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Why address downtown Encinitas sidewalk encroachment now?

After listening to the Encinitas City Planning and Building Director Patrick Murphy make a detailed report concerning outdoor dining problems in the downtown area on April 13 I contemplated why he did so on this particular date. During the past several years I have appeared before the council on many occasions concerning public safety and […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Opposite rationales used to promote similar agendas

It never ceases to amaze that the citizens of North County finally awaken and become aware of enormous private or public development issues just before their completion or planning stages. Such projects can encompass opposite ends of an agenda to justify intent. Let’s review, for example, the soon to be accomplished overwhelming downtown Encinitas Pacific […]