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Exercise stress test measures heart’s health

DEAR DOCTOR K: I recently had some mild chest pains, so my doctor scheduled an exercise stress test. What will happen during this test? DEAR READER: An exercise stress test is also known as an exercise tolerance test. As in your case, stress tests are often given to people with chest pain or other symptoms […]

Airport scanners present minimal risks

DEAR DOCTOR K: I travel a lot for business. Every time I go through an airport security scanner, I wonder how it might be affecting my health. Are these scanners harmful? Should I avoid them? DEAR READER: There are currently two types of airport scanners in use. Some use non-ionizing radiation; the others use ionizing […]

Gender and how we metabolize alcohol

Q: I’m a 45-year-old woman, and I’ve read that the recommended daily alcohol intake for women is lower than for men. I’ve also read that a certain amount of alcohol can be healthy — but why should my husband’s daily limit be higher than mine? And would my health suffer if I drink a manly […]

Test results need not cause alarm

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’m 48 years old. Twenty-six years ago, I had a cone biopsy after an abnormal Pap test. Since then, all my Pap tests have been normal. But recently my doctor says that scar tissue from my biopsy has made it difficult to get adequate cells. What do I do about Pap smears […]