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Cat-scratch disease causes numb feet

Dear Dr. Gott: I am always interested in peripheral neuropathy because it was one of the many later symptoms I developed when I acquired bartonella henselae. However, I apparently acquired the bartonella approximately 16 years ago. I recall a cat scratch from a feral kitten that did not heal for several months. I wasn’t diagnosed […]

Did med cause skin condition?

Dear Dr. Gott: While in Vietnam, I was taking a dapsone pill daily, as the Army suggested. Unknown to me, I had an allergy to the pill and became methemoglobinemic. I stopped taking the pill, but still have lichen planus on my legs and buttocks that comes and goes. I can go weeks with no […]

Readers offer advice for dealing with motion sickness

Dear Dr. Gott: Please tell your reader about Sea Bands. They really work. My local doctors are even giving them to chemo patients, pregnant women suffering from morning sickness and patients suffering from postoperative sickness. Dear Dr. Gott: I guess you don’t have motion sickness. In my opinion, the worst thing you could have a […]

Diagnosis of kidney failure could be flawed

Dear Dr. Gott: I am an 86-year-old doctor’s daughter concerned that both my parents died of kidney failure, although I never knew how it happened. Perhaps you could tell me what steps I should take first to deal with it, as I just got a report from my doctor indicating that I have chronic kidney […]

Allergies cause pain in joints

Dear Dr. Gott: I’m hoping this information will be helpful to many of your readers. I am a healthy 57-year-old female. Ten years ago, my husband and I lived in Virginia because he was in the Army. I became ill with tingling and numbness in my left arm and also aching joints. After numerous doctor […]

Could PCOS sufferer be making excuses for her obesity?

Dear Dr. Gott: My 38-year-old granddaughter is convinced that because she has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), she cannot lose weight. She is grossly overweight, and I am concerned about her future. She sees an endocrinologist about once a year, and takes thyroid medication and niacin for cholesterol. Can she be helped? Thank you for your […]

Are stress and baldness linked?

Dear Dr. Gott: My son has a bald spot on the back of his head. His doctor said it was stress-related alopecia. His hair grew back and his scalp was normal, but the bald spot reappeared, bigger, and is lasting much longer. So his doctor told him to buy Rogaine. Am I correct that now […]

Stressful job can affect overall health

Dear Dr. Gott: At age 50-plus, I took a job that was stressful to the extent it caused sleepless nights and loss of appetite. I resorted to taking an over-the-counter sleep aid, which left me with a headache and feeling sluggish in the morning. To alleviate those symptoms, I took Excedrin for the headache and […]

Weight loss means gains in health, life expectancy

Dear Dr. Gott: I just wanted you to know that I have lost 155 pounds using your no-flour, no-sugar diet. I think I should be your spokesperson! Seriously, I am a 56-year-old female teacher, and I wanted to get in shape before I retired a year ago. I also wanted to be healthier and have […]

Dyslexia to blame for lifetime of trouble

Dear Dr. Gott: This letter is a lifetime overdue. Six years ago, I turned 69. During that year, I had numerous medical problems that have nothing to do with this letter. However, I spent a lot of time in the hospital, which I used for thinking and reading. I realized I had been suffering from […]