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Disease not known to produce hearing loss

Dear Dr. Gott: My dog, a friend’s dog and three people I know have been diagnosed with valley fever recently. We live in Arizona, a high-risk area for this disease, but it seems odd to have so many friends develop this at the same time. I assume there would be little difference in treatment between […]

Cats unlikely to cause hairballs in humans

Dear Dr. Gott: In one of your columns a few years ago, you commented on hairballs in humans (trichobezoars, I believe). Could you please provide that information again or perhaps more in-depth, updated information? We have indoor cats, and it just makes sense that we would acquire at least some sort of “hairballs,” too. Thank […]

Can toothpaste cause burning mouth syndrome?

Dear Dr. Gott: I have suffered with burning mouth syndrome (BMS) since 2001. I have worked with my doctor and have had every test the Mayo Clinic recommended, to no avail. Recently, my sister called and told me of an article she read where the patient had suffered for 20 years with the condition and […]

Take caution when dealing with non-expert medical advice

Dear Dr. Gott: I read your advice on ADHD treatments that included only medications and the avoidance of sugar. Are you unaware that upper airway obstruction is more often the cause? Removal of the tonsils and adenoids has been shown to be much more effective than medication at improving symptoms of ADHD. You are doing […]

Doctor shows no sympathy for pain

Dear Dr. Gott: Five years ago, I complained to my doctor about serious pain in the area of my gallbladder. The pain also extended around to my back. A sonogram was taken and the report came back normal. I went back to the same doctor two weeks ago to prepare for a colonoscopy. I complained […]

It is good to get a colonoscopy at 50?

Dear Dr. Gott: I just turned 50, and my doctor keeps talking about ordering a colonoscopy for me. I’m not sure I want to undergo one and haven’t even asked what one entails. Can you enlighten me? Dear Reader: This is a simple same-day procedure, meaning that you will enter the hospital in the morning, […]

Cortisone injections can work and then backfire

Dear Dr. Gott: Could you tell me how often someone can have cortisone injections? My mother had some in her shoulders. They worked great, but now the pain and stiffness are back with a vengeance. Dear Reader: Cortisone can be injected into joints such as the ankle, knee, shoulder and other areas to relieve pain […]

Depression linked to medication

Dear Dr. Gott: I’m 20 years old and have been on birth control from the time I was 13. I’ve been depressed all my life. I think the medication causes my depression to worsen. I also have polycystic ovary syndrome. I tried metformin instead of birth control. It made me sick but less depressed. Can […]

Unfortunately, only one treatment for iron overload

Dear Dr. Gott: My mother is 81 years old. She has a problem with producing too much iron in her blood. The only treatment that we are aware of is to have blood drawn off when the count gets too high. What causes this? Is it hereditary? What can we do to keep the count […]

Why take Xalatan for glaucoma diagnosis?

Dear Dr. Gott: I am a 78-year-old white male, 6 feet 2 inches and weigh 195 pounds. I use glasses that cost $1 to read sometimes. I have been seen by two doctors. Both say I have glaucoma. I would like to know what the devil this is because both doctors said to use Xalatan […]