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Spruce up home and yard for spring

Spring signals a fresh start for homeowners to tackle home repairs and rejuvenation projects they may have put off over the winter. Consumer Reports recently provided advice on how to spruce up your home and yard this spring and work vital home safety checks into the regular spring-cleaning routine. “Let’s face it: Many spring-cleaning and […]

Golf tops among small hatchbacks

Two freshened versions of the Volkswagen Golf scored impressively in Consumer Reports’ most recent tests of small cars. The diesel (TDI) and conventional versions are now CR’s two top-rated vehicles in the small hatchback category. Small cars are a sensible choice for buyers looking to save on fuel costs, who don’t need a lot of […]

How to play catch-up with your retirement

Time travel sounds like fun unless you’re talking about retirement accounts. With our 401(k), 403(b) and IRA balances back to where they were in 2003, the editors of Consumer Reports Money Adviser note that lots of us are wondering how we can ever catch up. Employer-sponsored retirement plans lost an average of 19.1 percent of […]

10 tips to trim your cell phone bill down to size

The average cell-phone user spends about $600 a year on mobile service, while families that talk, text or use other phone features more than average can spend upward of $1,800. And the bigger your bill, the more you get tapped for service taxes and surcharges, which tack on an average of 14.5 percent. But according […]