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Public meetings scheduled for major I-5 improvements

Four on tap Residents have four opportunities to view and provide input on an I-5 draft environmental report for the North Coast corridor HOV/managed lanes project. Proposed is widening of the highway to 14 lanes between La Jolla and Oceanside. One option will be to relocate 112 homeowners and 13 commercial establishments. The first meeting […]

Four counties enact new DUI law

May go statewide In Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Tulare counties, residents who are first time offenders or have been previously convicted of driving while being looped have a new law to contend with. They have to install an ignition gizmo, costing about $125, that monitors booze presence. If the would be driver has consumed […]

Some property owners will enjoy lower taxes

Thanks to reduced valuations Approximately 660,000 property taxpayers will be rubbing their eyes in disbelief when they scan their bills and find the amount due is less rather than more, compared to last year’s. One reason is Prop. 13 provides that taxes can only be raised a max of 2 percent of the assessed valuation […]

Soda fountain was a popular meeting place

DEL MAR — Every drug store had a soda fountain. Del Mar Drug Store was located at 15th Street and Highway 101, which is now the Americana Restaurant. Its fountain was one of two popular meeting places in the village. The other was La Tienda, where folks came from everywhere every night to savor Bea […]

Finally a Cardiff specific plan after more than a decade

Been a while In 1999 four Cardiffians, including Teresa Barth, Barbara Cobb, Mike Clark and Jim Bush, met to organize residents who were interested in developing a specific plan for the community. They scheduled meetings that were held two weekends during the summer. It was the rule rather than the exception to have several hundred […]

Recent elections forecast change is in the wind

No longer biz as usual While recent election results weren’t of earthquake dimensions they did forecast that voters are paying more attention to the way their electeds are running the people’s affairs. Examples: Tax measures that were routinely OK’d in the past went down in flames in the Surfside City and Solbeach. Del Martians nixed […]

Organ grinder, monkey delighted children at fair

DEL MAR — Now there’s entertainment everywhere at the fair. Not so when money to put on the event was limited and it went primarily for community exhibits, agriculture displays and commercial booths. But there was the organ grinder and his little monkey of the Capuchin species stationed near the entrance to the ground. The […]

It’s time for state budget capers

Will be late again State electeds will maintain their perfect record of never having a balanced budget approved on schedule. Controller John Ching has served notice it will be necessary to begin issuing vouchers and IOUs in August. Some scheduled projects will be postponed. Last year’s dithering went into July. However, an agreement may be […]

Street sign wavers survive effort to ban them

Commission seeks more input Just when Vista sign spinners thought they would be added to the outta work lines they received a temporary time out. The Planning Commission had been requested to develop language to be added to the sign law that would have eliminated the twirlers. These folks engage in great calisthenics with the […]

Veteran carnival workers speak their own lingo

DEL MAR — At the fair when the carnival rides and game joints have been secured for the night and the midway lights are out, old-time workers, or carnies as they are commonly called, usually gather at the cook shack for their evening meal and to talk jackpots (stories). A glossary of carnival and circus […]