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Association reviews CHP overtime in Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the May 17 meeting of the Association, the board received the quarterly report of overtime activities of the California Highway Patrol in the area. 

Overall, the number of tickets issued for moving violations is down, but parking tickets are way up.

Several months ago, the Association gave the CHP the go-ahead to use some of their contracted overtime work to issue parking tickets to cars that overstay timed spots within the village.

“I understand parking has improved in the village,” said Planning Director Ivan Holler in his report.

There has been some grumbling at the number of tickets issued, but some of the illegal parkers seemed to have been dislodged allowing more turnover.

There are two possible reasons for the reduction in the number of tickets issued for moving violations. Holler said the presence of police units in the village on a regular basis is one reason and officers taking time out to issue parking tickets is another.

“Enforcement of parking limits in the village does take some time during the eight-hour patrol shift,” Holler said.

As to slowing down speeders, it may have something to do with pulling over hapless motorists.

“It has the impact of those driving by and seeing that,” Holler said.

Moving violations include speeding, unsafe passing, illegal turning and other violations.

The Association currently has an agreement with the CHP for overtime enforcement services, which is supplementary to the regular enforcement performed by the CHP and sheriff.

“Overtime shifts are typically scheduled to start in the morning and are coordinated with the CHP and the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol to target areas where enforcement will be most beneficial,” he said.

Each overtime unit works an eight-hour shift, which allows the officer to spend a greater percentage of the contracted time working in the Covenant rather than driving to and from the CHP office, he said.

Holler said, CHP officers worked a total of 38 eight-hour overtime shifts in the Covenant from January through April.

“This is very similar to the number of shifts worked for the same time period in 2011 and 2010,” he said.

During the first quarter of this year, there were 234 tickets issued for moving violations, 61 verbal warnings issued, 63 parking tickets given and no collisions or DUIs.

During that same period in 2011, 38 shifts were worked, there were 302 moving violations, 56 verbal warnings, six parking tickets, one collision and no DUIs.

In 2011, there were 39 shifts worked, 384 moving violations, 59 verbal warnings, five

parking tickets, no collisions and two DUIs.

Holler said of the moving violations, 24 percent were for speeding in 2012; 30 percent in 2011; and 40 percent in 2010.