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Association discusses community overview brochure

RANCHO SANTA FE — In an effort to provide an overview of the community, the Rancho Santa Association is championing a brochure project. Christy Whalen, interim association manger, presented the plan to its board of directors at its Jan. 5 monthly meeting.

Other than its website, Whalen shared that the Ranch really didn’t have any other communication piece.

“We’ve got nothing printed that really tells people about Rancho Santa Fe,” she said, adding how the proposed brochure would be intended to communicate facts about the community.

Whalen said that a while back, the Association did have a “community facts sheet” that could be handed out. However, they currently didn’t have anything like that.

Whalen said the concept of the brochure would help shape perceptions, answer questions, and build excitement. Its uses would vary including placement in new member welcome baskets, media, potential new residents, employee recruitment, and community organization.

“For employee recruiting, as we’re looking to bring talents into the Rancho Santa Fe Association, I think it would be helpful to have information compiled by us instead of someone who’s going online and doing a search,” she said.

Whalen wanted the board and Covenant members to know how they were also looking for input in other helpful areas for the project.

As for the brochure content, Whalen said it was to give a wide overview of what makes Rancho Santa Fe so special, including its unique history such as the Lillian Rice architecture.

“We want to touch on what makes Rancho Santa Fe so unique from an environmental standpoint like our topography, flora and fauna, and what makes our community so beautiful,” she said.

Whalen pointed out how they’d also like to highlight demographics and trends as well.

Another portion of the comprehensive brochure would be member benefits and the advantages such as the golf and tennis club in the Ranch.

Whalen conveyed other areas.

“We’ve got a fabulous school just down the road here, the charm of the Village, and fantastic parks and trail system,” she said.

Other benefits and amenities Whalen mentioned were the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District, and community organizations.

“And finally we’ll talk about our community. We’ve got a fantastic community of passionate residents, people who are interested in issues facing us today and people who want to be involved,” she said, noting how the Association which serves its members would be highlighted.

President Fred Wasserman commended Whalen for a tremendous start and thought the presentation was well presented while describing it as a work in progress.

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