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Ask Mr. Marketing: I’m giving away free stuff

That powerful word FREE undoubtedly caught your attention. This column is about free marketing ideas, strategies, and advice.

The marketing process bores most people. Business owners want increased traffic, sales, and profits, but typically don’t want to invest in the research, experience, and hard work needed to create those results.

With 30+ years in the trenches (including 10 as principal of a New York ad agency), it’s my job to translate your marketing needs into interesting, economical realities.

Whether you’re investing in a postcard or a new website, it’s critical to strategize every marketing dollar well. Hence this public service.

We’ll explore opportunities, debunk myths, and delve into everything marketing-related. We’ll also bump into timeworn reasons for not spreading the word, including:

  • I lack competition;
  • Marketing isn’t important;
  • I can’t supervise the process;

and my favorite

  • Marketing’s a waste of money.

Guess what? These excuses typically come from those complaining loudest about how bad their business is.

American architect Daniel Burnham said: “Make no little plans, for they have no magic to stir man’s blood.” This column will follow that rule, exploring plans, promotions, publicity, and whatever else I can think of beginning with P.

Hopefully, you won’t get peeved…and I won’t sound pompous.

As my column’s limited to 400 words, I’ll only choose the most intriguing questions or topics. But sending in your most vexing marketing issues may get Madison Avenue advice and exposure to over 100,000 affluent readers.


And yes, personalized advice is available through my website’s contact form.

You should know I take my marketing obligations seriously. However, I’m committed to having fun en route. Marketing people tend to have a creative flair, and I’ve been known to get silly.

And before you ask, no…I’m not rich enough to be eccentric. I’m just NUTS!

That, then, is the tone I’ll bring to our dialogue; creative, silly, educational…if it’s marketing-related, we’ll explore with a column full of free advice (and sometimes full of something else).

Send your marketing questions (and relevant materials) to me at [email protected]. No questions? Share life’s philosophies or a bad joke. The best conversation goes both ways, and the ball’s in your court.

And remember the words of great-aunt Lena; “You get what you pay for.”

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing!


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