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Denise Hug and Maggie Bobileff, co-chairs of Art of Fashion 2017 event on Sept. 14, open up about event teamwork. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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Art of Fashion co-chairs relish the experience

RANCHO SANTA FE — Maggie Bobileff and Denise Hug were already great friends before embarking as co-chairs of The Country Friends’ Art of Fashion 2017 Runway Show and Luncheon. However, they admit working on this grand Sept. 14 event at the Inn of Rancho Santa Fe gave them even a better opportunity to learn more about one another.

For Hug, she admires Bobileff’s tenacity and go-getter attitude.

“When Maggie wants to go after something, she puts everything into it,” Hug said. “She’s such a hard worker, and this shows in her boutiques.”

While Hug describes Bobileff as having an impeccable work ethic, another trait which equally stands out is her compassion.

“Maggie is always one of the first people to volunteer if you need help or if you’re in a jam,” Hug said. “She’s always there for you.”

For Bobileff, no one can find a sweeter person in town than Hug.

“I have always admired Denise,” Bobileff said. “She is such a charming person. And I learned that she is an excellent chairwoman.”

Instinctively, Bobileff knew Hug had the co-chairing skills. All it took was a little arm twisting to get her to agree to it. Bobileff approached the topic slowly and carefully the first time.

“I said, ‘No,’” said Hug, smiling.

Hug was accustomed to helping behind the scenes. Every year, she and her husband Bertrand host the Art of Fashion Patron Party at their fine dining restaurant, Mille Fleurs.

“She asked me again, and I said, ‘Maggie, no,’” said Hug, smiling even more. 

Bobileff would not give up. Hug had worked for charities in the past, and Bobileff knew a co-chair position would be perfect.

So, she asked again.

“She finally coerced me, and I said all right,” Hug quipped. “We were walking the dogs one morning, and I said, “OK, let’s do it.’”

Now, Hug can’t imagine doing anything else. Co-chairing is an incredible honor and will leave an indelible imprint.    

The ladies agree that their partnership is relaxed. And above all, they enjoy working together. Bobileff shared that their tastes in aesthetics are quite similar, or they complement one another.

“I really think that this is why it has been so easy work together,” Bobileff said.

Being able to help The County Friends raise funds from this highly anticipated annual event to help support more than 35 local charities means everything to Bobileff and Hug. They are also quick to point out that their Art of Fashion 2017 committee is a dedicated and talented group.

Their generous sponsors also play a valuable role in the success of the event.

Hug admitted that she and Bobileff were also looking forward to having their good friend, Jenny Craig, be the Art of Fashion honoree. 

For those attending the Art of Fashion for the very first time, Bobileff hopes they take the time out to learn about The Country Friends and what they do. According to Bobileff, The Country Friends is a charity with little overhead and mostly operated by volunteers.

“Raising money for a charity like this means that dollars go to where those needs are,” Bobileff said.

The Country Friends annual membership of $60 also goes to help fund the charities it supports. Its consignment shop in Rancho Santa Fe is another way it raises money.

“The Art of Fashion is a special tradition which has gone on for years,” Hug said. “There is such enthusiasm with everybody wanting to come to this show and with the knowledge that it supports all these charities.”

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