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Art lovers plan 10th anniversary rock hunt

CARLSBAD — Finders of specially decorated No. 10 ArtSplash rocks will become winners of a 15-inch-by-15-inch original lithographic print of a Marilyn Monroe collage created by Studio 2 artist and ArtSplash co-founder Ron Juncal. The rocks, which are ordinary rocks hand-painted by ArtSplash artists, mark the event’s 10th anniversary.As of Sept. 14, 50 of the special No. 10 rocks are being planted in and around the Carlsbad Village and beach areas. Instructions are posted in indelible ink on the underside of each rock.

The rocks can be redeemed, one per person, at the 2012 ArtSplash Chalk Art and Entertainment Festival on Armada Drive Sept. 22 and Sept. 23. Finders of these rocks should bring them to the site of the Marilyn Monroe artwork being constructed by Juncal and Phyllis Swanson from 1,000 recycled plastic water bottles throughout the weekend event.

According to ArtSplash co-founder Juncal, hundreds of rocks sporting the number 10 have been hidden in the Carlsbad Village area as part of a “guerilla effort to raise interest in our 10th annual event. The 50 special and redeemable rocks are especially decorative,” he said, and are the only ones with the instructions on the underside.

Juncal said, “The rocks reflect the ArtSplash tradition of offering unique approaches to art that allow people to see the amazing possibilities of imagination that exist all around them, including on humble little rocks. This fun treasure hunt enables us to reach out to the community that has supported us so well over the past ten years. Now,” he said, “everyone can be a ‘rock’ artist.”

Up-to-date information on ArtSplash, a family-oriented event that offers free admission and parking, with proceeds benefiting arts and music programs in North County schools, is at and