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Maybe luck has more to do with how you think about it than luck itself. Stock image
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Are you lucky?

Do you find yourself working hard and meeting your goals, or maybe you’ve found yourself to be lucky in life, work or relationships? Maybe your luck has more to do with how you think about it than luck itself.

If you believe in luck, your mindset may be on positive side, which hypothetically could lead to more positive manifestations or having “good luck.” Other people don’t believe we can influence luck at all, but they do believe our brains look for patterns.

Beyond looking for these patterns, we also make behavior adaptations based on fear or insecurities. For example, a guy who just got dumped may not go right up to the cute girl at the bar because of continued fear of rejection.

So, the more anxious or fearful type of person could be less lucky, only because they are not taking as many chances statistically compared to their counterparts. If the same guy led with a confident and vulnerable approach, he may land that next date.

If a gambler is winning, they modify their behavior to keep winning by taking safer bets. So is luck just that or is it what we believe and what we do? Have you ever used a “lucky hat” for victory in a baseball game? Sports fans and players often use these types of luck to help them feel a sense of power over winning and losing. Curious, isn’t it.

Here’s how to break down your thoughts on luck.

  1. What were you told about luck as you grew up?
  2. How have you applied luck in your life?
  3. What do you believe about luck and how has it influenced your life?
  4. What behaviors have you caught yourself doing in and around luck?
  5. What do you want to change now that you’ve gained insight into yourself and luck? 

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