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Small Talk

A new year, old routines

Well, it was back to school on Monday for many of us.

“Did I enjoy my holiday break?” everyone thoughtfully asks. Let me sum it up this way:

I have a pair of slippers that almost look like regular boots. I wore them wherever I went almost every day. They went nicely with my comfortable jeans.

My big decision every morning was whether to put in my contact lenses or not.

I didn’t bother putting in earrings for days at a time.

I read six books, mostly in bed. I only set an alarm three times. I watched a goodly number of “Castle” reruns and all my taped “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.”  I even watched a “Twilight Zone” marathon. It was awesome.

I listened to days of public radio and I think I actually felt my brain expand.

I baked cookies, I broke out my Panini maker and even used my old-school juicer to make fresh tangerine juice.

I ate nothing but leftover dips, bread and cheese, washed down with cocoa, for several days.

I listened to the rain by a roaring fire. I have to add here, however, that I also drove to the ends of the earth (north Oceanside) and back, to retrieve my daughter’s cat from the vet, during that same wild rainstorm. The bright side was I didn’t have to rush then or most any other day. When I have extra free hours and no set schedule, it’s astounding how patient I can become.

I spent time with girlfriends and almost solved all the world’s problems. I actually sent out a Christmas letter this year and I even vacuumed … twice.

I only made it to exercise class twice. I’m blaming it on their holiday schedule cutbacks, and will never admit otherwise.

I also made the dangerous discovery that there is such a thing as chocolate whipped cream.

And did I mention I read six books, mostly in bed?

It’s a very good thing I love my work.

Jean Gillette is a freelance writer with a crick in her neck from reading six books, mostly in bed. Contact her at jgillette@