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ORBIT Homes streamlines contemporary manufactured homes to ease the process for residential and rural developments. Courtesy photo
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A new paradigm for manufactured homes

Take a moment to daydream. Sit back. Close your eyes. Now, imagine your dream home. How it looks. How it feels living in it. How high the ceilings are. How the interiors are incredibly open. That natural light! Now…how did the process of building that new dream home go?

That snapped you right out of the daydream, didn’t it?

What if this dream home building process brought you ease, flow, sleek interiors, and a meditative state of mind?

Queue in: ORBIT Homes.

Effortless. Fluid. Luxury. Contemporary. Home.

Picture the ease of planting a ready-made, yet customizable, chic new home, anywhere you desire in the state of California. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows. Indoor-outdoor living fluidity. Offering a living room fireplace and a tub to put your feet up in. With a 3-6 month turnaround time. At a fraction of the cost of traditional housing.

It sounds like a daydream that could never come true – but this is ORBIT Homes.

With high ceilings and walls of glass, the homes are designed to maximize outdoor enjoyment and interaction with the natural world. ORBIT Homes are shattering the manufactured home industry. Their contemporary pre-fabricated homes streamline the building process for homeowners, while seriously enhancing the living experience.

“From the beginning, the goal of the company was to challenge the norm in every way,” says founder Or Michaelo. “How can we create the most affordable, easy-to-maintain contemporary luxury homes?”

Fast forward, ORBIT Homes is delivering an answer to this question, throughout the state of California.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional housing, ORBIT Homes can plant a customized, chic new home anywhere in California you desire — in only 3-6 months. Courtesy photos

ORBIT Homes presents a contemporary solution to the traditional manufactured home. They break the stigma of manufactured homes as cheap – and offer instead a luxurious, attainable home experience. As the typical manufactured home is a “mobile home” in a park, ORBIT Homes disrupts the norm of prefab homes with their sleek, efficient home building solution. They are reinventing what it means to reside in a manufactured home. Rather than sacrificing comfort and style for cost and construction efficiency, ORBIT meets all these needs while surpassing standards. The challenge for ORBIT was to adhere to federal codes with a style that is desirable today.

“We took the federal manufactured building code and gave it a contemporary twist with high-end finishes, adapting it to the residential market. The homes are completed in the factory and can be installed nationwide,” Or says.

A home built to HUD code can be placed anywhere in the country. Additionally, adhering to HUD code means that floor plans are approved in the factory and permitting only needs to check the foundation and connection to utilities, not the home plans.

Talk about groundbreaking.

The streamlined efficiency of the factory assembly line is unmatched. This efficiency makes homes more affordable than most stick-built structures, and can complete manufacturing and installation in as little as 90 days. The houses range from a one-bedroom/one-bath, 495- square-foot ADU (additional dwelling unit) to a four -bedroom/3.5-bath, 2225-square-foot home. Translate: buyers have options.

ORBIT is not only pleasing aesthetically – they keep the environment in mind upon building. Every ORBIT Home provides the option for solar power. Homes are engineered and wired, ready for homeowners to install solar panels if desired. Additionally, ORBIT prioritizes minimizing waste within the factory.

“It’s important to us that we do our part to keep our state beautiful from the ground up,” comments Or. That California beauty expands from the mountains to ocean views and is displayed beautifully in ORBIT Homes’ designs.

Currently, ORBIT Homes have installed or are in process of completing 15 homes throughout California. With the shifts in the state’s home buying industry, along with the impacts of California fires severely shifting construction processes, ORBIT offers a solution with far less permitting time than other homebuilding options.

So how to get started with ORBIT Homes, you ask?

You may not believe their efficient installation process – but this is just another aspect of their elegant streamlined process. Plus, contemporary doesn’t stop at design for ORBIT; they exude this core value even in the homebuying process. From the moment of first encountering ORBIT, to being handed new house keys, buyers have been stunned by the seamless process.

“You know how when you walk into the Apple Store, and you just feel at ease? Relaxed, no sense of urgency, yet completely taken care of? That is what we are doing in the home industry,” Or notes of the homebuying process.

Interested buyers can contact ORBIT Homes to begin the process. Once buyers are confirmed as eligible – regarding the landscape of where the home would be delivered and landscape of installation – the buying process is as simple as ordering a Tesla. Sleek live renderings guide buyers in their selection. Select home size. Number of bedrooms. Color of cabinetry. Tile choice.


Forget dealing with the process and phone calls from developers, planners, engineers, questions from foundation to framing, drywalls, plumbing, architects, installers… invite ORBIT Homes into your home building process.

Remember all the decisions you never wanted to make when building a home? ORBIT is changing the perspective on the quality of manufactured homes. Whether purchasing as a main residence, ADU, luxury park model, or investor property, ORBIT offers the efficient, high-end solution.

“You can take the same home, rotate it any direction you want, and drop into place. Really all you need to do is level the land, install it on a permanent foundation, and connect it to utilities. The process is simple and our preferred expediters and installation partners make it simple,” Or says.

So, if you’re looking for a method to expedite your home process, in order to develop new land, add a guest unit (ADU) to your backyard, create an investment property, or move to a park community – while upholding commitment to quality and contemporary aesthetics – check out ORBIT Homes.

ORBIT Homes showroom is located at 23839 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu.

Call (310) 699-5333 or visit for more information.