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3 classical music pieces to get you in the mood for spring!

By Amber Flynn

“The first blooms of Spring always Make my heart sing.”

— S. Brown

Spring will be here on March 20th  We welcome this season of longer days, and the excitement of the sun, and the bursting of spring flowers!!

Music has always been known for capturing and celebrating how we feel. What better way to celebrate it with classical music designed to “nod” toward the seasons?

• Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons La Primavera (“Spring”) . 

You will feel the excitement and vibrancy of this song within the first 10 seconds – it is such a joy! It moves in so many ways and pleases the ear.  Featured in the Netflix series “Wednesday,” and also “Pretty Woman,” “The Simpsons,” and “Runaway Train.”

Johann Strauss II – Voices of Spring Waltz

The orchestral or piano versions of this waltz are what you’ll hear more often these days, but first, there was “the music of the breeze that comes humming through the trees.” 

•Robert Schumann, Symphony No. 1 in B-flat major, “Spring.”

Robert Schumann’s Spring is grand and moves beautifully. The composition’s celebratory spirit is felt from start to finish.  Schumann conceived this symphony with the season of rejuvenation in mind.

We hope they inspire you to the joy and beauty music brings!

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