Encinitas establishes no-parking zone on part of Orpheus Avenue

Encinitas establishes no-parking zone on part of Orpheus Avenue
Cars that have been parking along the west side of Orpheus Avenue are preventing cars from turning right, creating long traffic lines. In response, the city approved a no-parking zone on the road. Photo by Jared Whitlock

ENCINITAS — A ban on parking alongside a portion of Orpheus Avenue aims to improve traffic flow.

The City Council, with no discussion, unanimously backed a no-parking zone near the northwest corner of Orpheus Avenue and Leucadia Boulevard, just across from the Starbucks and Subway.

To the south, the no-parking zone begins at Leucadia Boulevard and runs 400 feet north along the west side of Orpheus Avenue.

According to a city staff member report, cars parked along the west side of Orpheus Avenue encroach into the road, preventing northbound cars from hanging a right onto Leucadia Boulevard.

This creates long lines of cars at the stoplight, the report states. To reduce congestion, the stoplight’s green light was extended from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. Still, queues of cars remain, leading to the need for the parking ban.

City staff members also relayed the traffic concerns to the Starbucks.

To free up parking spots in the surrounding area, Starbucks increased drive-thru service and placed a time restriction on some of its onsite parking, the report states.

The Encinitas Traffic Commission recommended the no-parking zone last year.

It’s estimated that it will cost $1,000 to purchase and install no-parking signs in the area.


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