Encinitas readies State of City event

ENCINITAS — Residents may reserve tickets now with the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce and the Cardiff, Encinitas and Leucadia 101 Main Street Associations, as they host the Encinitas State of the City Address from 5 to 8 p.m. April 5 in the Encinitas Senior and Community Center.According to Mayor Teresa Barth, “The theme for this year’s State of the City is

‘Five Unique Communities. One Great City.’ Each of the five communities contributes something different and unique to make this one of the best places to live, work and play. I invite everyone to join me as we take a quick look at what’s happening now and what we are looking forward to in the future.”

Guests will enjoy food and beverages provided by local restaurants, wineries and breweries, a slide presentation created by the city of Encinitas and live music by local musicians. Brief presentations by the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce and each of the 101 Main Street Associations will then be followed by the mayor’s address.

For sponsorship or other event information, call Thora Guthrie at (760) 715-3230 or the Chamber office at (760) 753-6041.



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  1. Concerned citizen says:

    I feel that the theme, ‘Five Unique Communities. One Great City.’ is NOT being promoted by the Downtown Encinitas Merchants Association and the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce changing their name to the more generic Encinitas and Cardiff 101 Mainstreet Associations to go along with the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association. Diversity is not highlighted by one-size, “fit all” name, which citizens feel is being used, or can be used, in some cases, to pit the power of business associations against legitimate concerns of residents who live adjacent to Highway 101, for instance.

    The Mayor should also give the state of the city address at a regularly scheduled Council Meeting. Then it can be correctly noticed and viewed on television by those wishing to hear it, but not able to attend the dinner at the Community Center, for which tickets must be purchased. It would have been helpful for the article to include the cost of the tickets, as well. If a quorum of Council is to be present at the Community Center to hear city business, through the State of the City address, then proper posting and noticing is also required.

    We all want a vibrant business community, but its interests and influence should not dominate over that of individual citizens and concerned residents, who are NOT heavily subsidized, through the city, as the business associations are, and who thus are not as well organized, and do not have nearly as much political “clout.” By having the State of the City address event sponsored by subsidized business association, Mayor Teresa Barth gives the appearance of catering to special interests, that act as lobbyists for or against particular development projects, or, currently, against the Right to Vote on Upzoning measure that will be placed on the ballot for a Special Election, in June.

  2. City for Sale says:

    The State of the City should not be “an event,” but should be a business meeting where citizens can speak in the Council Chambers. Even Jerome Stocks allowed for speakers to communicate their displeasure when he was Mayor last year. Why should they make it a requirement for citizens to pay to express their frustration, and why was this packaged as an ‘event’ instead of a meeting?

    Council and staff want to live in their own little world and continue to praise themselves while Encinitas citizens become more and more alienated and unahappy with what is going on down at the City and what it is costing us.

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