Filing error delays appeal hearing for charter school

CARLSBAD — Because staff misfiled its original charter appeal, OPA (Oxford Preparatory Academy) is restarting the process to appeal the Carlsbad Unified School District’s rejection of its petition to open a charter school in Carlsbad before the San Diego County Board of Education. 

“What we see in this petition, the appeal (to the county) did not contain the same information that was submitted to Carlsbad,” said Board of Education Chief Communications and Public Information Officer Music Watson.

OPA is required by California Education Code to submit the exact same charter petition to the board as was originally submitted to the Carlsbad School District in order for an appeal to be considered, said Watson.

OPA submitted additional API score and demographic data, while omitting other information that was initially in the petition, said Watson.

As a result, a public hearing that was scheduled for Feb. 13 before the board to receive OPA’s petition appeal was cancelled.

But OPA Executive Director Sue Roche claimed that only four pages of API score data from the charter’s appendix were missing from the board’s copies due to an accidental computer error while the charter was being copied.

“I don’t want it to be implied in any means that the entire charter was different. That is not true at all,” said Roche.

She said the page mix up was completely unintentional because the missing data further supports OPA’s position on a Carlsbad location.

“This material shows very clearly why we are needed and why we think we would be a great partner with Carlsbad,” said Roche, adding, “Absolutely we want that (material) to be seen.”

She said that OPA did add supplemental information about its schools and plans for Carlsbad in the appeal, separate from the charter petition copies, which is permitted in the charter appeal process.

OPA will be resubmitting its appeal to the board Feb. 19, which will allow for the public hearing to be rescheduled for March 13, according to Roche.

The CUSD denied OPA’s original petition on Dec. 5, stating that the petition did not meet half of the state Education Code’s requirements for charter schools.

OPA’s charter petition would establish a three-year charter school in Carlsbad for 800 to 1,000 students kindergarten through eighth grade starting in the fall for the 2013-14 school year.

The CUSD team that reviewed the charter petition stated that, contrary to OPA’s claims, the proposed charter school would have a disparate impact on underserved student populations. The team also brought up concerns about how OPA’s governing body would oversee a Carlsbad location.

OPA administrators have frequently claimed that the CUSD review team and board misrepresented its charter petition.

“I found it insulting,” said Roche about how CUSD representatives portrayed OPA’s petition at the Dec. 5 meeting. “I think that districts are afraid of what they do not know.”

She said that OPA is pursuing an appeal before the county because, “We (OPA staff and parents) want to have a chance to show some evidence instead why (the Board of Education) should be approving us.”



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  1. claudine4OPA says:

    The district is afraid of OPA’s success. Opposition of Oxford has little to do with how great and successful a school is, CUSD want complete financial control of all students within Carlsbad. If students leave CUSD for OPA, the district will no longer have that money to squander with. The money will actually be educating students at OPA.

    • Carlsbad parent says:

      The district is not afraid! OPA will drain resources for a school that is not needed (in terms of population). ThEveryone is encouraged to sign the petition to not have OPA in Carlsbad. Many signatures already so far! The CUSD schools are extremely successful in educating their students.

      • Parent4Oxford says:

        Do you know how many Carlsbad schools are failing? So much so schools that those that receive TItle on funds are being told to fix their schools or else they are in Program Improvement Phases. The schools below are already in Product Improvement by the State and we have more schools that if they do not improve also are headed toward having Program Improvement Implemented in their schools, So for those that are in Or else what you might ask…

        So if you attend Poinsettia which starts phase one next year, Calaveria Elementary, Calaveria Middle, Jefferson, and Valley those school are in phase two. Unless they correct this now phase three includes, replace school staff, decrease management authority at the school. It gets worse! So our schools are not doing well and if you look into the FACTS you will see how our schools are every year getting worse. This is why we have open boundaries this year not because the district wants to be nice they HAVE to and they have to provide a bus for those students to go to other school since their neighborhood school is under performing, if their parents choose to move them. This is why CEF is offering free tutoring to those children who are under performing, they have to and if you want tutoring and your child is doing OK you pay for the tutoring, which Oxford has tutoring available to every child for FREE before and after school.

        Who is telling people it will drain the school system of money? Iheart Carlsbad folks have said it will cost a hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you call the school district to ask where they get such a number the district says, we don’t know. Where is the proof of this, numbers and facts. No one can tell you how or why they just tell you it will, trust us.

        There are petitions you can sign to say you don’t want the school and basically you are signing a petition that says, I have done no research on my schools, I will accept the mediocre education I have since I know nothing else, I blindly believe what my district tells me. The district KNOWS what a great school this is they have all the facts and they do not want you as parents to know, so by spreading misinformation you are basically being used as a pawn. They are afraid, the unions are afraid when people are scared they will do whatever and say whatever. For every one signature against Oxford I see people who don’t just sign their name but go out and work to improve our schools and are willing to fight for your children and ours.

        BUT if you do like your school we have one that is doing very well Pacific Rim. Then please stay at your school we have parents who are happy, so you are lucky. But just know our district will be changing whether the state continues to tell our district you have to get better or we will do it for you.

        Phase four in this whole process includes closing down the school and reopen as a charter school. Why wouldn’t the state just say close down and reopen as your traditional in district school? It specifically states the words reopen as a charter school. It is because there are charter schools and Oxford is one of them, they have a proven education that works and the results are very positive, and they run their programs with less money, are more financially responsible, has the opportunity to offer more programs, and that is fact based not just thrown out there and see if people will believe it. This is what our district has done, thrown out information hope you all believe it, get you fired up to sign petitions so that you will never get the chance to see or experience a great school and see what we should be getting not just blindly accept what they give us.

        Thank you to all those parent who have inspired many of us with our heads buried in the sand to get educated on education and the shape CUSD is really in not the one they pretend to be in and for trying to bring Oxford to our community.

        • Carlsbad parent says:

          I am a very well informed parent who also happens to be an educator in another district. I know all about Program Improvement. OPA would be in the exact same position if their population included a larger number of low economic students and uninvolved parents. i.e. Pac Rim is not a better school than Calavera or Poinsettia. It has the high testing population. All 3 schools are excellent in their own ways with mostly high quality teachers and administration.

          Everyone has their own OPINION of what they believe are the FACTS.

          • Parent4Oxford says:

            Thank you for your opinion. We all do count and should have a voice. But let me add this look at the demographics of the Chino campus, that takes the argument off the table of low socioeconomic group being a reason for low scores and declining schools off of the table. So if you want to make that point you are very uniformed, and when you don’t look up the facts you remain that way. Oxford has 20 hours of volunteer hours per year per family, you can have 5 children who attend Oxford and it is still 20 hours. If you can cut out a star from your couch you can volunteer. So there are going to be parents at OPA who are minimally involved. But low socioeconomic Oxford has proven is an excuse, parent involvement is important, so should my child be stuck in a school that is not doing well and the state is stepping in.

            If you are an educator in another district that does not mean you are wiser then the rest of us, it means we have to agree to disagree. Since you won’t ever see that the Oxford has a good program I nor anyone could convince you of that, nor can they convince you that they run a fiscally responsible school, have more to offer, have a better track record teaching ESL and EIP students, plus the lower socioeconomic groups. You are union or are listening to the union and they will NEVER admit we are turning a corner in education everyone can see it. The union is loosing ground and it is a new day new era! Thank Goodness!

            Also answer this, if Poinsettia is such a good school why are parents pulling their children from that school at an alarming rate? Why are parents driving their children to Pac Rim? Why is the district offering to bus children to other schools? Do you see the pattern here?

            Educator, non educator, blue collar, white collar, poor or rich, we all need to know the facts and knowledge is power. He who has the knowledge holds the power. Parents are taking back power because we are getting informed with the truth not what the district wants us to believe.

            Power to the Parents…and Kids! :)

          • Lynette Pinaco says:

            You are an educator from another district who is NOT informed nor educated on this matter. You moved your kids to Carlsbad from to get away from the district you are teaching in. You must teach in OUSD, no wonder that district is performing so low with teachers like you and board members also uninformed, prideful and ignorant.

            OPA will not be in the same position. Those kids who are in the failing schools in CUSD are smart. The district has failed them. What a racist statement to make, “low economic students”. Are you implying that those students are not capable of excelling academically? How do those “low-ecomonic” students at OPA excel beyond state level? I will tell you why, because OPA gives them a chance and allow them to achieve success, regardless of their background. OPA does not see them as dollar signs. OPA understands that ALL children, if given the change, will excel. CUSD, like you, believes these kids will perform poorly in school because of their background. They are not even given a chance. Right off the bat, their academic fate has been determined by people

            This mentality is dangerous because it prevents the education of ALL children, not just those who CUSD, and you, think will be successful.

  2. TeriandbradF says:

    I am sure OPA will glad take on the challenge of having those “low-economics” kids at their school to educate them. OPA will show CUSD how it’s really done.

  3. Carlsbad parent says:

    I am a teacher in a high performing district. Very presumptuous… Many statements (above) are uninformed assertions.

    CUSD and other districts do a lot of hard work to make sure ALL students receive the best education.

    Not a racist, (race was not specified). Low economic encompasses a large mix of students. Statistics and data were used in my comments.

    Unfortunately, $$$$ are needed to fund programs.

    I am very well informed, thank you.

    • Truthbtold says:

      Hi I think looking at the thread, an assumption is that teachers are Union. So it is a safe assumption, you are Union. I am going to assume you don’t get a pink slip at the end of every year and are one of the lucky ones with a false sense of security that you have with tenure. The Union is afraid of Oxford, so they are doing everything they can to keep Oxford out.

      Looking at statistics and facts compare Oxford to CUSD and how they both are doing educating low socio economic students both have that sub group. So you can see the statics and compare, then look at all the sub groups and you can’t ignore the facts. Oxford hands down does a better job servicing their students. Not the just low socio economic students but all students in every group it is an equal education for all of the Oxford students regardless of social status. CUSD can not say that, we have children who are not getting the best education they deserve or that our tax dollars can buy.

      The CUSD if they as a group really cared they would not have put on that put dog and pony show, waisted CUSD money. Their lawyer just dusted off his report that he gave to the Oceanside district. They did not allow the facts to be told to parents at the meeting, which that fact alone is very concerning. I along with many many parents are upset even more that our district paid a lot of money (our children’s money) to tell us as parents Oxford is no good and present a false report to the board. If they had denied it on facts then that is one thing but if they can do that with our children’s education money what else are they doing? If they can distort information, lie, how are they looking after our children?

      There is a reason Charter Schools are growing in popularity Oxford is a good one and they after being approached by a large group of Carlsbad parents Oxford we hope our children get this chance along with many many other Carlsbad students. When looking at the statistics and facts how can you say you don’t want this school here? But before you answer that you have to look at the facts, data and statistics Oxford’s track record doesn’t lie but you have to be willing to look it up and research it, which many people just take information that they are told and don’t consider the source. The state seems to think Oxford is a great school, why wasn’t that talked about at the board meeting. If I recall the district lawyer said the charter was missing “elements” required by the state, but yet the state gave them a start up grant for our Carlsbad school. Interesting…..

      That meeting was my first eye opening experience into our schools governing board, I had not even decided if Oxford was a good addition to our district but after that meeting and the injustice and disrespect toward Oxford, I had to learn more and then I jumped on board. I knew little facts before that meeting but could see how twisted and mangled they presented the facts. It was if a man (Oxford) was on trial for murder, but only the prosecuting attorney presented a case before the jury and the defense never spoke, never was able to defend their client, the jury voted and then they executed the man….later to find out he was innocent and not only that he was a good man who provided books and food for children who needed it most. Does that sound like how we as Americans think our governing bodies should be able to vote on issues that affect us and our children. It felt like it should have been illegal the whole process, and I think after this is said and done the next challenge will be to fix the “process” our district uses to make decisions for our children.

      Look at the money from our taxes that are raised for the sake of the children. Look into why the teachers unions spent probably millions to get Prop 30 passed, and how did they do it they told us voters it would go to the children and the classroom. It had nothing to do with caring about educating our children the children will not benefit from Prop 30, but the pensions will remain in tack…whewwww. That is a whole other subject California needs to change over to another retirement system one that can maintain itself unlike the one we have now which is a pyramid scheme. Where are all of our new tax dollars going?? Now they tell us it won’t make it to the classroom like we as voters were told. They played the “it is for the kids card” and as a state we fell for it. Since if they said our pension system is broke and instead of finding possibly a better way to support our retired teachers and future retired teachers lets just get more money from you to hold us over for a few more years. Then if the teachers are happy they will be nice to our children and then that will happen in the classroom, so wait maybe they are right it did work its way into the classroom.

      So is it that our district needs more $$$$ for programs or our districts need to stop wasting money so we can have more programs? This is another reason I approve of Oxford, they are not wasting money and they can prove it, try and get that from Lovely. Oxford operates in the black our district is so in the red, can they ever have enough money to recover? Oxford is held accountable for operating in the black if they go in the red they are shut down so it is very important they stay fiscally responsible. Oxford does not seem to mind being an open book on finances. Who is holding CUSD responsible for wasting our money? The money our district came up with to pay the lawyer, that money could have been possibly 3 years of an art program at one school for the amount they paid him to read that old report. Moral of this story is throwing money at our CUSD schools and seeing how they can waste it (lawyer bill) is sad.

      But I can’t read this stuff anymore it is like beating a dead horse, if folks don’t want to look at the factual data and statistics for Oxford you can’t have a real conversation. The district would not even have a real conversation. Having free will to choose how and where are children are educated should be a reality not just a dream here in Carlsbad. In every other areas of our lives we choose where to go and who to see and where we spend our money. Since our children are not are our number one priority as parents, let us choose what we believe is best for them.

      So lets look for other ways to give students a quality education that is not always in a state of chaos and bankruptcy. Oxford may be that chance and I hope it doesn’t get away without a good fair fight. A peaceful fight I should say. I have added my two cents, my very long winded two cents! And yes I seriously know no one can read this rant without falling asleep!

      Peace to all and to all a good night!

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