Stocks and Muir caught posting campaign signs early

Stocks and Muir caught posting campaign signs early

ENCINITAS — Mayor Jerome Stocks and Mark Muir appear to have gotten an early start posting campaign signs late at night Oct. 5, more than a day before the Oct. 7 limit imposed by local election laws. In a video recorded by Encinitas resident Joseph Corder, the two city officials along with an unidentified man are shown placing signs and dismissing concerns that the placement was too early.


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  1. EncinitasC says:

    Dump Stocks!

  2. Robert Macon says:

    Scary that the Major can’y even count 30 days backward and we have entrusted him to make good decisions on the pensions for the city. No wander he says it is complicated. Its probably too difficult for him.

  3. Jennifer Brinley says:

    Wow. What cheesy behavior. Speaks volumes about the character of these two.

  4. Danon's Campaign Manager says:

    Don’t forget, Jerome is Steve Danon’s campaign manager, and we have seen Danon signs up for a long time! I would have thought that the campaign manager might have wanted to follow the Municipal Code, since he is also the Mayor of Encinitas!

  5. Robert Macon says:

    I received the political mailer from Mark Muir today. It is so ironic that he chose “Tested. Proven. Trusted” as is tagline.

    Yes, he was tested on October 5th. Thank you to Joe Corder for administering the test. Test result: An F for dishonesty and blatant disregard for our municipal codes.

    What exactly has he proven in his 10 month tenure at council?
    Encinitas good credit rating is not to Muir’s credit. In fact large pension of $170K a year for retiring at 55 is unheard of!
    Same can be said about the balance budget. It has nothing to do with what Muir did on council. He has not even been on council for a full budget cycle.
    Encinitas Community Park is now being built. Oh yes, take credit for that one too. All Mark Muir has done is approve an $8M revenue bond and shovel contaminated soil for a photo op!
    Moonlight Beach improvement? More debt, an a photo op opportunity shoveling sand.
    Rejected high density on El Camino Real: Any official with a brain would have realized that stuffing 1300 apartment units on a short section of El Camino Real was a disaster.
    Then Mark Muir has the nerve to claim he will favor a vote on the final general plan. That’s ludicrous. The update to the General Plan will be adopted by a 4/5th council majority. Why would Muir claim this but then in turns oppose the Right-to-Vote Initiative on zoning increases? This is one of the intended consequence of the initiative: Put the GPU up to a vote of the people, since the GPU will result in zoning increases
    Voted for pension reform: The only council meeting where pension reform was discussed was not even attended by Mark Muir.

    Trusted: ditto from Tested. We can’t trust Mark Muir. He has failed the character test on October 5th. He is also aligned with Stocks which make untrustworthy

    Mark Muir: Failed Test, unproven, can not be trusted!


  6. Jerry Peters says:

    The penalty should be the immediate removal of all Stocks & Muir signs.

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