Stocks and Muir caught posting campaign signs early

Stocks and Muir caught posting campaign signs early

ENCINITAS — Mayor Jerome Stocks and Mark Muir appear to have gotten an early start posting campaign signs late at night Oct. 5, more than a day before the Oct. 7 limit imposed by local election laws. In a video recorded by Encinitas resident Joseph Corder, the two city officials along with an unidentified man are shown placing signs and dismissing concerns that the placement was too early.


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  1. Gerald Sodomka says:

    Why were Stocks and Muir skulking around at night? They knew exactly what they were doing. It’s an embarrassment for the city of Encinitas.

    • Kydd is Clueless says:

      Nightime is best if you don’t want to distract drivers. I’m shocked that Tony’s signs were put on the public right of way in clear daylight. Fortunately no distracted drivers were hurt this time. I hope he has learned his lesson, but it looks like he took them down today when he found out he was caught false starting. Did he see the pictures of his signs in the public right of way. Uh-oh. At least Shaffer, Stocks, and Muir put theirs on private property, which Ms. Marr says is OK.

      • Tony Kranz says:

        Actually Mike, I picked up all but one of the signs the morning you put them up on Thursday. If you hadn’t placed them on the corner of Hygeia and Leucadia Blvd., right down the street from my house, I might never have seem them. However, I missed the one you put at the eastbound entrance to the roundabout at Hermes until I was on the way home from work in the late afternoon. I also know the signs were taken out of my garage, because they had stakes that were from 2010 and I wasn’t going to use them because they were a little rusty. My bad for leaving the garage door open, but I’m sure you appreciated how easy I made it to get a hold of some signs. You went to great lengths to get those pictures.

        I know you’re in charge of disinformation in the efforts at damage control for the video. But most people recognize the fallacy of False Equivalence you’re pedaling.

        • Kydd is Clueless says:

          So now Kranz wants us to believe he has no control over his signs, his temper, or the random people that come in and out of his garage? City Hall deserves more accountability than that. Kranz is Clueless too!

        • Kydd is Clueless says:

          Tony K- I don’t know why you keep referring to “Mike” because this is definitely NOT him. But I completely get your M.O.- blame all of your problems on someone that had nothing to do with them. You definitely cast more blame than “Mike” or anyone else could shoulder because you’ve got MAJOR issues. I’d reveal my identity, but I fear that I might quickly become your next victim.

          • Robert Macon says:

            Please, please, please reveal the identity. The suspense is too much. Who will it be, Mike or Jerome? Pick your favorite town bully!

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    The video, and our councilman and mayor’s behavior in the video, says it all. I applaud Mr. Corder for enlightening the rest of us about who these people REALLY are. Why were they photographing your license plate, and acting as if they were going to hurt you? I don’t want them back this year.

  3. flaire says:

    Tired Taxpayer, you go girl! Every council member needs a Perfect Bottom, and you sho is, honey! Every comment you make is so well lubricated…keep ‘em coming!!

  4. EYNU says:

    It’s extremely disappointing that staff (Wehtahnah Tucker?) diminishes the story by tacking on an unsupported sentence, “Some signs for candidates Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz were also spotted around the city.” This ‘both sides do it’ statement is a false equivalency. It’s lazy to not give the facts, but instead to give the impression Shaffer and Kranz were also knowingly violating city code. It’s why people dismiss any and all political involvement because – you can’t trust anyone. Shame on you.

    This allows the malfeasance shown by the mayor caught in in the act to be diluted or dismissed. The use of the photo thumbnail further blurs the point of the story. Shame on the editor. We expect more from this valiant paper. The publisher just got through telling us all it was time to dump Stocks and his buddy Muir.

  5. Cyrus Kamada says:

    The point is that neither Kranz nor Shaffer has control over whether a private party puts up their signs early. Stocks and Muir, however, have complete control over when they decide to go out and place signs themselves.

    • Kydd is Clueless says:

      Then it appears that Kranz has no control over his signs or his temper?

      • looski says:

        I have known Tony for a long time and have never seen the temper you talk about. I know of a situation that Tony was bullied and provoked into an altercation but what red blooded American wouldn’t defend his President? That was entrapment, clear as day.

        • Kydd is Clueless says:

          Aren’t you afraid that Tony may physically assault the first person in the Council chambers that disagrees with him and then claim that he was entrapped? You just can’t behave that way. That’s not the way it works in the real world, but maybe it his universe.

  6. Lynn Marr says:

    I had asked, by e-mailing all of Council, and City Attorney Glenn Sabine, that since sign code was going to be revised and revamped, then campaign signs should also be re-considered. Current law, as designated in Encinitas Municipal Code, is improper, Unconstitutional, in restricting yard signs on private residential property. The City cannot legally impose time limits on those types of signs, as depicted in the “thumbnail” photo on Vulcan.

    A homeowner should be able to have a sign up all year round, should he or she choose, provided it does not violate height restrictions, and provided the homeowner is not restrained by the covenants and restrictions of a homeowner’s association, for example. HOA’s can be much more restrictive than cities and counties with respect to certain issues, such as signs in yards, or colors of paint on one’s home!

    Councilmember Mark Muir had mentioned campaign signs could be a subject of consideration when he was appointed to the subcommittee that, under Glenn Sabine, came back with a terrible proposed ordinance for banners in the public right of way. The proposed ordinance simply tried to make part of EMC, to codify, language that was a blatant attempt to “legalize” the abuse of discretion that took place through current Mayor Stocks, his “henchman” attorney, Sabine, and the City Manager, Gus Vina, initially disallowing Maggie Houlihan’s image to be displayed, as tribute, on the back of the Arts Alive Banners.

    When Muir also had asked about including campaign sign code in sign law to be reconsidered and revamped, Stocks and Sabine cut him off saying, that’s a discussion for another time. That was the perfect time, as the election was (and is) fast approaching!

    Personally, I will put up any sign in my yard for as long as I’d like, as long as it isn’t in the public right of way, and as long as it doesn’t illegally defame anyone, as a previous yard sign did Maggie Houlihan, years ago.

    The FPPC did say that DUMP STOCKS signs could go up at any time, because they are not technically advocating election of a particular person; so they’re not campaign signs.

    I do feel that Stocks, having been on Council for nearly 12 years, should set a good example and abide by the current code, which says he should not have been putting up his campaign signs until October 7 (NOT 10/6, as October has 31 days). Citizens are held to strict compliance of the law. An elected official should lead by setting a good example, not flaunting the law by his own hypocrisy.

    • Kydd is Clueless says:

      I agree with most of Lynn’s comments. Tony, who has run for 2 offices in the past and Shaffer, the ethics expert should have known better than to put their signs out a full week ahead. In a race the first runner to false start often triggers the others to do so.

      • looski says:

        Kranz and Shaffer gave explicit instructions to everyone to wait until 30 days before the election to place their campaign signs up. If someone placed their sign a week early it was against instructions.

  7. EYNU says:

    Yes, Cyrus, you’re right that the article fails to make that obvious point (and apparently I didn’t either). At minimum they should verify the facts in the photo they used. It seems like an attempt to appear objective that failed. Who lives there? Were they aware of the municipal code? or Were they directed? The informed voters are very clear, but not everyone reading the story or viewing the video know this. This is hot, breaking news.

  8. kathleen2 says:

    No Encinitas city council candidates had any signs on roundabouts along Leucadia Blvd. on Friday or Sat. There are Open Huuse signs in the roundabouts. Maybe that’s what Clueless is talking about.

    • Kydd is Clueless says:

      You may regret that false statement, which is clearly related to your hyperpartisanship, especially if the pictures are released of those signs (with time stamps). Hundreds of people saw them and Kamada appears to admit to them on this blog. Nice try….

      • Cyrus Kamada says:

        I have no first hand knowledge of Kranz and Shaffer signs being put out early. I do have first hand knowledge that signs were distributed to supporters with explicit instructions to wait until the 7th to put them out. If individual supporters chose to ignore those instructions that is unfortunate, however, that is completely different from the candidates themselves knowingly disregarding municipal law regarding the display of signs. Stocks and Muir obviously knew what they were doing, and knew it was against the law, and attempted to use their stature as city officials to intimidate a law-abiding citizen who had every bit as much a right to be there as they did, and was respectful throughout the encounter. This isn’t the kind of behavior we should expect from our elected officials, and no effort to deflect or spin the facts can obscure this. I hope I’m wrong, but I fully expect a full-fledged character-assassination campaign to ensue shortly.

  9. Chris Thomas says:

    Kydd is Clueless Andreen has added four of his typical offerings.
    Please stop

  10. Wehtahnah Tucker says:

    @EYNU: Please don’t call me “lazy.” It’s a label I’ve not earned. I clearly delineated the facts that two signs were seen on a specific date and time in the lawn area of a private residence. If you aren’t able to discern the facts, well, that is an issue you need to deal with that doesn’t require name calling. Next time you feel compelled to leave a comment that includes my name, do us all the courtesy of leaving your REAL, full name and we can have a discussion about reporting if you’d like. If not, keep your comments to yourself. There is no shame in doing my job…none.

    • EYNU says:

      My apologies Ms. Tucker. I agree there is no shame in doing your job. A comment thread is indeed a lousy place to make a complex argument and mine is more about journalistic style throughout our nation that too easily slips into the tired he said, she said and both sides do it. You are not responsible for this miserable trend. I should never have called you lazy in a public format. It is hurtful and mean. Though I hold myself responsible, I claim the incendiary words dulled my civility filters. New day and sincere regrets . . .

      • Lynn Marr says:

        I hope people will come early on Wednesday, by 5:30, to protest Stocks’
        disregard of the law, in particular his improperly suspending current law so
        that no applications for banner or sign permits in the public right of way are
        being accepted, or have been since April 11! If we sit on our hands, our
        freedoms will continue to be abridged by bullies, who use their power to rob us
        of our individual liberties, our neighborhood cohesion, and our community’s
        diversity in character.

        Stocks, as we know, doesn’t follow parliamentary procedure or Roberts Rules of
        Order. He unilaterally shortens our alloted time to speak, as listed on the
        agenda, while allowing City and Water District reports to go on interminably.
        These should be restricted to no more than half an hour, particularly when there
        is a full agenda and many public speakers. Instead, the public’s right to speak
        is taken away and a “connected” few, special interests, get to go on an on,
        approaching or for more than an hour!

        Outgoing Mayor

        All of Encinitas Council should be calling out points of order, objecting to outgoing Mayor Jerome Stocks’ actions. Councilmember Mark Muir, when he said he supported Councilmember Teresa Barth’s motion on lifting the ban on banners,
        should have corrected, “I mean that as a second! “

        Then Council could have voted. Instead, a bogus subcommittee was appointed, an
        alternative not on the agenda, so no public speakers could address or object to
        the advisability of that move to delay and extend the banning of freedom of
        expression within a limited public forum. As usual, the subcommittee idea
        didn’t come up until the public hearing portion of the discussion had been

        Stocks has the balls to blatantly manipulate the agenda, to change the law to
        ban banners, while trying to do retroactive damage control . . . in a futile
        attempt to cover-up or excuse his violations of the Constitution and EMC. He
        attempts to codify the very abuse of discretion to which lawyers, artists and
        the general public object!

        Stocks, in his flagrant disregard for the letter of the law, demonstrates that
        he thinks he is the law, and therefore above it. The issue of campaign sign law
        is also not about hours or days; it’s about Stocks’ hypocrisy in his lack of
        respect for the public trust, for our Constitutional and common law rights, our
        property rights . . . our right to pursue happiness while causing no harm . . .

        Like outgoing, convicted Mayor Dan Dalager, before him, Stocks has been talking
        out of both sides of his mouth. With one face he calls for decorum, while the
        other side threatens us with the “big guns” of a bully, who disregards,
        disrespects and attempts to devalue the voice of the community as we ask our
        representatives to stand for truth and our freedom to enjoy and be grateful for
        our quality of life.

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