Stocks and Muir caught posting campaign signs early

Stocks and Muir caught posting campaign signs early

ENCINITAS — Mayor Jerome Stocks and Mark Muir appear to have gotten an early start posting campaign signs late at night Oct. 5, more than a day before the Oct. 7 limit imposed by local election laws. In a video recorded by Encinitas resident Joseph Corder, the two city officials along with an unidentified man are shown placing signs and dismissing concerns that the placement was too early.


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  1. Change4Encinitas says:

    Nice evidence of our city leaders breaking their own municipal codes. And we want to elect these yahoos?

  2. sdaly says:

    STOCKS and MUIR breaking the law !! People, how much more will we have to tolerate from these buffoons? Don’t vote for them, PLEASE.

    Vote for Lisa SCHAFFER and Tony KRANZ.

    • Kydd is Clueless says:

      So you’d suggest we vote for an admitted Occupy Wall Street protester (Shaffer) and a person seen by witnesses assaulting a citizen for expressing his free speech rights (Kranz)?

  3. Cyrus Kamada says:

    I’m in awe of this man’s courage and determination. Joe, you just did the entire city a huge service, and may have bent the arc of history for this town. We are all in your debt.

  4. Joe Corder says:

    Thanks Cyrus, the truth is in the video, I Was
    Interviewed by channel 10 last nite, and they will! air my interview either today or monday. They will call me ahead of time to tell. Me when it will be aired. I will let everybody know when it will be on. I feel strongly that when everybody has seen and heard these videos they will ask both the men to step down from the city council. I will go to city hall. On tuesday to file my complaint, after that, then I will ask both of. Them to step down. I. will ask for help from the city atty. I also plan to file paper with the. Dist atty in san diego.Then I will file a complaint with the state.

    • Cyrus Kamada says:

      Joe, again all the thanks in the world for shining a light on this. You won’t be alone when you face the city council on Wednesday. I don’t think much else needs to be said. The video says it all.

  5. Joe Corder says:

    I know Jerome and his side kick mark will try to spin this thing around. The reason I know they will try to spin this around is easy, just look at the last 6 years on the council. Jerome will bs everybody. As for mark the saying goes, ( Robin will do anything Batman tells him to do. ) well guys the time has come, please do the rite thing and tell the truth.Then Batman and Robin can jump into the Bat mobile and head for the bat cave to stay

  6. Joe Corder says:

    I want to say thank you to Jim kydd the owner and publisher of the Coast News and his staff., for taking time to break this Stunning and shocking story about our mayor Jim stock and council??,,? man Mark Muir. It’s good to know that somebody in the news field cares about breaking and hurtful mews I wad shocked to see people putting up signs early, but when I came up on them on my first stop at the ford place, the shock quickly turned into total sadness. There in front of my own eyes, it. Just wasn’t a regular guy or guys putting up the signs, IT WAS THE MAYOR. Of ENCINITAS JEROME STOCKS and COUNCIL MAN MARK MUIR Of ENCINITAS. Who would think if someone was breaking the law, nobody would even dream of it being our MAYOR or our COUNCIL MANAGER. But sadness has hit ENCINITAS again. It’s time we all get together and go down to the council meeting this week and express your sadness, and ask Both Men JEROME STOCKS AND MARK MUIR to step down. I ASK EVERY PERSON HOW SAW OR HEARD THESE VIDEOS TO COME ON WEDNESDAY NITE THE 10TH OF OCT. LETS MEET OUTSIDE OF CITY HALL ON WEN ABOUT 530 SO WE CAN SIGN IN TO TALK. IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO BATMAN AND ROBIN. PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT ME. THANKS JOE CORDER

  7. Joe Corder says:

    I meant to say council man mark muir, not council manager. Sorry

  8. No Hippocrates In Encinitas Leadership! says:

    The video shows that Mayor Stocks and Council Member Muir are hypocrites who easily violate the very laws they put into effect! How can they be trusted to make decisions for the entire city? And the video also shows Mayor Stocks vindictive character when he took pictures of the license plate of the brave citizen who caught him red-handed.

    By putting out signs 2 days early, both Stocks and Muir know that they can capture the prime places for their signs and get a significant advantage over the other candidates who obey the law!

    At the very least, Stocks and Muir should be made to immediately take down ALL the signs they both put up illegally and be barred from using those locations in this election. By violating the Municipal Code of Encinitas in their election campaign, the most appropriate response would be to prohibit them from running in this election.

  9. Kydd is Clueless says:

    I noticed that The Coast News has not posted the pictures of the Tony Kranz election signs posted in the public right of way at ALL Leucadia roundabouts a full day before the Muir and Stocks signs went up. Will they do a front-page story on that? Do you all agree that Tony Kranz should withdraw from the race???? THERE is the hypocrisy!

    Coast News = Partisan Tabloid Trash

    • Wehtahnah Tucker says:

      I drove through Leucadia, including along Leucadia Blvd. round abouts looking for signs on Saturday at approximately 1:30pm. I didn’t see any signs for any city council candidates. Let me know where you specifically saw them and when and I’ll be happy to follow up.

      • Kydd is Clueless says:

        The Kranz signs were on the roundabouts all day Wednesday thru Saturday morning, up until the point it was pointed out that Kranz had posted signs several days early. It’s easy to miss them when one looks through the eyeglasses of the Coast News. Shaffer has had a lot of yard signs out during the last week, as well. There have also been several Dump Stocks signs out in people’s yards. Kamada admits to the early Kranz signs on this blog, but does not feel that Kranz had any control or say so over his own signs. What a pathetic excuse! There are a lot of pictures with time stamps on them proving all of this, but it remains to be seen if they will be shared.

        The 2% are again trying desperately to smear the 98% even though their candidates committed the false start several days early. Is that all they’ve got? Pathetic indeed.

        • Joe Corder says:

          No it’s people like you that want to spin this around. It’s so funny in your letter that you dont mention our mayor or council man doing anything wrong. Plaese deal with the facts, Encinitas muni code says, you cant put signs up before 30 days of an election. Start with the 5th day of oct when I filmed them, Lets count the days together. 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th 31st, Nov 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th. Ok lets count these days. When I count them it’s come up 33 days, they might not count the 6th of nov, so thats still 2 days early. Ok now still try and spin this around. You can say anything about me, but these are the facts. Please watch read and listen to whats going to be said on tues at the meeting, and on wens at the town council meeting. Mr jerome stocks has already tried to spin this around by calling me a stocker. Thats ok with me, words are words only, facts are facts And Jerome Stocks and Mark Muir put these signs up early and got caught. We will see what the people of encinitas have to say about this on NOV 6TH, cant wait. Thank you Joe Corder of encinitas

          • Diane Bond says:

            Great investigative journalism Joe! The video is all the proof we need to ascertain that you did nothing wrong while Stocks tried to intimidate your right to stand in public and film. In addition, his aggressive behavior in telling you to leave and taking pictures of your license plate could be considered harassment and interference with your rights…you should find out if he filed a report. Who is the third guy….hope it’s not a City employee. See you Wednesday at council!

    • Rogelio Espinosa says:

      Miguelito Andreen, no es lo mismo. Tt’s not the same. I’ve seen a few signs on private property put out too early. In one case I told my neighbor, and he took them in. There is no excuse for sitting council members doing this kind of behavior. I agree that both should resign and withdraw from the race. Sadly I think they will pull a Dan Dalager and stay in. The voters will decide. I hope Stocks and Muir suffer the same fate as Dalager.

      There is no evidence that Kranz or Shaffer took part in this kind of violation under the cover of darkness.

      Señor Andreen: ¡Basta con tus pendejadas!

      • Suzanne Perez says:

        Estamos de acuerdos Rogelio!

      • Kydd is Clueless says:

        You don’t know me and I have no idea who you are. The only reason that you don’t think the Shaffer and Kranz early signs (several days early) are the same as the Muir and Stocks signs is because you support Kranz and Shaffer, just like Kydd (who maxed out contributions on them)and his fellow FPPC violator, Audet. Why no stories on Audet, Ms. Tucker? Is it that your boss, Jim Kydd will not permit it? Kydd apparently supports law breakers and pays them to work for his tabloid! Hypocrit!

  10. No Hippocrates In Encinitas Leadership! says:

    There is a difference between signs that might have been posted by supporters who were not aware of the rules and unknowingly broke them, and signs that were posted by a sitting mayor and council member caught in the act of breaking the law.

    Because there is no evidence that Tony Kranz put up these signs himself, I will assume that someone else did it by mistake. If there is a video of Mr. Kranz doing the same thing, we would all like to see it.

    With regard to the Mayor and Council Member Muir, they seem to be aware that what they are doing is illegal.

    We need models of good leadership-not people who enforce one set of rules for citizens and apply different standards for themselves.

    • Kydd is Clueless says:

      Of course you will assume it was all a big mistake by Tony’s people, even though he has run for office twice before and should know better than to be the first false starter. Only the complaining 2% get to break the rules and are given a pass by the Coast News.

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