Commentary: The Coast News’ Publisher urges change

Please, please, please citizens of Encinitas — let’s get some new blood in our City Council.Our town is too cool and too precious for us to ignore what’s been happening at City Hall.We desperately need change!And yes, that means dumping Stocks and his good old boy buddy, Mark Muir.

Did you know that the 300,000 member International Association of Firefighters called Mark Muir’s actions “despicable?”

This came about when Muir formed a one-member political action committee called “The Southern California Firefighter’s Association” and endorsed Jerome Stocks for City Council, using an image of a fallen firefighter.

Next, Muir is appointed Fire Chief.

Next, he retires on a $170,000 pension.

Next, his buddy Jerome appoints Muir interim Council member to fill out our much-loved Maggie Houlihan’s term.

Next, Muir is “not available” to weigh in on Encinitas pension reform — just couldn’t make the meeting.

Are these the kind of people we want to lead our beautiful seaside town?

I am voting for Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz.

I ask you to do the same.

We need them.

Jim Kydd,

Publisher and Owner of The Coast News Group


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  1. One of the Knaves says:

    You are truly a prince for speaking the truth in the land of the big lie.

  2. Kydd is Clueless says:

    Jim Kydd has again violated journalism ethics and led many to believe that he probably received his journalism credentials from a gumball machine. He appears to be giving free ads to Kranz and Shaffer to bolster their election hopes (notice no paid for lines on many of the ads). He hired Andrew Audet, one of Barth’s campaign managers to cover Encinitas for Coast News and slam all of the Council members except Teresa on a regular basis. Audet committed FPPC violations on Tony and Teresa’s behalf in the last election and failed to take responsibility for his actions for months. Kydd also pays to have a 3rd rate cartoonist, Mary Fleener, rip good people on the Council in failed attempts to destroy their reputations. The people of Encinitas are not stupid as Teresa Barth’s followers assert. They have blown off the false accusations by the Coast News for the last 12 years because they know the paper is barely fit for a toilet paper roll. I wonder if the ‘real’ papers like the NCT or UT know about Jim Kydd’s journalism indiscretions? I think there might be a story coming……

    Until then, Jim and friends will probably try to continue persuading the 98% of citizens that view the City favorably that our Council friends are bad people.

    Shame on Jim, Andrew Audet, Teresa Barth, Mary Fleener, The Coast News and their favored candidates Lisa Shaffer and Tony “The Bully” Kranz!!!

    • Hector Lopez says:

      Kydd is right. New blood is needed in the Encinitas Council. The back room deals with Stocks, Muir and Gaspar need to be stopped. This election both Stocks and Muir need to be replaced by persons with integrity and vision. Muir is beholden to Stocks , just as Stocks is beholden to the local and out of town developers who salivate at the thought of unrestrained development. The infrastructure cannot tolerate what Stocks and Muir’s handlers envision for Encinitas.
      Stocks spouts off that the city is in fine fiscal shape, yet the city cannot manage to repair the numerous potholes that are found on the main traffic arteries. If the true accrued city debt that includes pensions and bonds is disclosed it is worse than you can ever imagine.

      Dump Stocks! And should Muir not be elected I am confident that Muir will be just fine with his $170,000 per year pension that Stocks helped him attain.

  3. Lisa Shaffer says:

    The banner ads for Shaffer for Council and the business card-sized ads on the Encinitas page were all paid for by Shaffer for Council 2012 and labeled in accordance with FPPC regulations.

  4. Bernard Minster says:

    “Kydd is Clueless” baffles me completely. It has always been a publisher’s prerogative to offer editorial opinions on matters of interest to the readership.

    What do you think the publishers of UT and its recent acquisition the NCT do? These publications carry their political opinions right on their front pages. The sins attributed to Kydd by this writer are there for all San Diegans to see in the UT and the NCT and have been for years… (Yes, it has been years since the region has become a single paper area, with all the predictable sins that this entails!)

    It is part of the very mission of a newspaper to foster debates, and to be honest about its own preferences. The Wall Street Journal does the same thing on a national scale and so do the Washington Post and the New York Times. In the Bay area, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, and the San Jose Mercury do the same thing. In Los Angeles, the LA Times does the same thing. The list goes on. In each instance, it does not take much effort to discover where the paper’s preferences lean.

    So I wonder who is clueless, here. Unlike this writer, readers are not clueless and understand that issues are meant to be discussed for a democracy to work. Discussion does not mean irrational harangue deliberately designed to poison the atmosphere and to stop any attempt at rational debate. Is it possible that we have here someone who is scared witless that the politics of Encinitas might just become more honest, more transparent and more respectful of citizens, and less indebted to other interests?

    Jim Kydd is asking us to think before voting, and to contemplate the kind of city we want. He also has the courage to be honest and open about his own preferences. Isn’t that what we expect from a respected member of the fourth estate?

  5. Teresa Barth says:

    Andrew Audet was not my campaign manager or part of my campaign team. He has included me in his criticism of city council actions, most recently the decision to borrow money to build the Hall property park.

    Mary Fleener is a nationally recognized cartoonists and artist.

    Kydd, Audet & Fleener all have the right to express their opinions and they do so under their own name.

    Kydd is Clueless makes wild and false accusations while hiding behind anonymity.

    Just who’s the bully?

  6. Herb Patterson says:

    “Kydd is Clueless” sure sounds like Mike Andreen. Be sure and read the newest edition of the Hoodlink for a little more info on Mr. Andreen. As some of you are aware, Jim Kidd once fired Mr. Andreen – looks like Mr. Andreen hasn’t forgotten.

  7. Bootthebullyout says:

    For his unwaivering dedication to informing citizens about what is unfolding in their communities, there is no better printed media coverage than Jim Kydd’s Coast News. Time to rally around our wonderful hometown paper and sign up online for the Coast News. After 25 years committed to the public’s right to know, he not only deserves our deep admiration, he deserves a wellspring of support, especially at this most critical juncture since our incorporation. While the S.D.Union has always supported the most moneyed interests in the San Diego area including big development entities, the sale of the Union Tribune and The North County Times to Doug Manchester and the possible sale of the Los Angeles Times by Manchester is also being considered should cause many of us to be concerned about the freedom of the press.
    To”Kydd is clueless” your comments supporting the “real papers, the San Diego Union and the North County Times” grossly underestimates the intelligence of this community and clearly illustrates your entrenchment with the most monied development interests in and outside our city who are trying to maximize development at the greatest cost to residents. As for misrepresenting Tony Kranz as a “bully”,there is 1 person in this town that is unrivaled for the title of “bully” and it is Jerome Stocks, so peddle your propaganda in the U.T. or the North County times

  8. flaire says:

    Just the fact Mr. Bigmouth cites 98%, should give you clue to who this is…a failed 3rd rate publisher, perhaps?

  9. Cyrus Kamada says:

    This continual citing by Clueless and his many aliases, of 98% of Encinitas voters being happy with the city, is primarily a case of taking credit for the sunshine. And talk about free advertising. Everyone knows that Stocks routinely manipulates the rotation so that he is mayor whenever he is up for re-election, and conveniently schedules a citywide survey just before the election, paid for with $20000 of tax payer money, in which residents say they are happy to live here. He and his cronies then shamelessly trumpet the results as proof of their competence, and attempt to marginalize any concerns as coming from the 2% of whiners. I would remind everyone that in 2008, Maggie Houlihan received 12488 votes; more than Stocks, Bond, or any other council candidate before or since. Upon her tragic passing, Stocks, Bond, and Gaspar wasted no time in effectively disenfranching those 12488 voters by appointing crony, Mark Muir. 12488 voters sounds like a little more than 2% to me.

    I applaud Jim Kydd and the Coast News for having the courage to stand up to the development money machine that funds the council majority. 2/3′s of Stocks campaign contributions in 2008 came from development, and real estate interests, and nearly 2/3′s came from outside Encinitas. I don’t expect those percentages to change. What interest does a builder in Poway, or a developer in Vista have in Encinitas? This election is about money vs. grassroots community engagement. Let’s not let money win again. Vote for Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz.

  10. Kydd is NOT clueless says:

    Oh Mike(Andreen)…(alias this time as “Kydd is Clueless”)there you go again, desparately trying to support your “handlers”.

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