Letters to the Editor: Sept. 14, 2012

Mailers from the mayor 

On Sept. 11 Encinitas City Council candidate Jerome Stocks sent out one of his folksy campaign newsletters.

Even though I asked to be included on his list, I didn’t get a copy directly. However, one of my friends forwarded it to me.

Mr. Stocks sent the email using his business email, not the city’s email. And he indicated that it was “not produced at taxpayer expense.” For a campaign email, that’s fitting.

However, the greeting is, ”From Jerome Stocks Mayor of Encinitas,” and the closing, in case we missed it at the opening, is, “Jerome Stocks Mayor City of Encinitas”

If Mr. Stocks is going to use his mayoral title and affiliation, I wish he would send his message to everyone in Encinitas and do it at taxpayer expense. It might be a good investment so we could know what our mayor is doing on our behalf. Personally, I would welcome an occasional missive from the mayor to the community.

If he is going to send a campaign mailer to prospective supporters, then it should be sent from Candidate Stocks and not use his official title.

When conducting official business, he is the mayor and speaks on behalf of all the citizens. He also should speak to all the citizens. When campaigning for office, he is a candidate, and should not use his official title. It’s not right to try to have it both ways.

Lisa Shaffer,



Vote no in November

The City of Del Mar has adopted a Village Specific Plan for the downtown area. The primary purpose of the Specific Plan is to provide more revenue for the City from sales tax (more shops), room tax (more boutique hotels), developer fees (new construction) and property tax (greatly increased commercial assessed values from Prop. 13-era), plus provide affordable housing downtown to meet the State mandate, and also reduce the amount of auto traffic on Old Highway 101, the only coastal highway west of Interstate 5.

Those are all laudable goals for the city, but are they what the residents want? Who asked for such an exhaustive change in the future of downtown Del Mar? No one, but the City Council! And it will drastically change the small neighborhood village of Del Mar forever, if ever implemented.

What’s in it for the residents? Nothing but more parking and traffic problems in the residential areas, prompting fees to park in front of your home, or no parking in front of your home to accommodate the increased side-street traffic from the new one-lane main street. Also, more foul smells, pollution, late night noises and rats emanating from all the new restaurants!

Let’s make sure it doesn’t get implemented — Vote no in November! Revitalization will occur through the free-market without onerous regulation!

Ralph Peck,

Del Mar

Bullying delays Encinitas’ lifting ban on banners

Once again Mayor Jerome Stocks, at the Aug. 22 Council Meeting, dominated and bullied.

He thwarted Councilmember Teresa Barth’s motion to lift the moratorium on being able to apply for permits for signs in the public right of way. Stocks did not recognize Councilmember Mark Muir’s declaration in support of lifting the ban on banners as a second to Barth’s motion. Instead Stocks delayed by appointing a subcommittee of Muir and Councilmember Jim Bond to come back to Council after reviewing legal counsel’s report, which had already taken four months to come before Council.

On April 11, at a special meeting, originally designated as a closed session meeting, Muir made a motion that the image in tribute to Maggie Houlihan, which had been covered, on the back of the Arts Alive Banners, could be displayed, and that Encinitas sign code should be reviewed and reevaluated. Stocks seconded that motion, making an illegal condition that current sign law, would be effectively suspended pending revision of Encinitas Municipal Code with respect to signs in the public right of way. When law is being updated, current law should remain in effect.

To suspend EMC mandates two readings, just as is required for any new or revised ordinance. Encinitas City Attorney Glenn Sabine didn’t address this impropriety at the April 11 meeting, nor did his partner, Randal Morrison, who was paid to give the Aug. 22 sign law report.

Timing was vital on Aug. 22, as the Leucaida Artwalk was scheduled four days later, on Sunday. Art supporters were unable to display banners for that event.

Although a representative from DEMA and Danny Salzhandler, for the Artists Colony, spoke on behalf of lifting the ban, no one from Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association, recent “sponsor” of Artwalk, spoke supporting installation of these distinctive Leucadia banners!

Lynn Marr



In a letter to the editor last week, it said City Council would hear on the Pacific View rezoning Sept. 12; the correct date for the hearing is Sept. 26.


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  1. Randy Horton says:

    True or False: Tri-City Hospital delivered Award-winning care to North County.

    True- Sepsis, Hip Fracture Treatment, Back and Neck Surgery (except
    Spinal Fusion), and Carotid Surgery.

    False- Appendectomy, Heart Failure, Pulmonary Embolism,
    Cholecystectomy and Back and Neck Surgery (Spinal Fusion). Based
    upon currently available public information, patients with these five
    conditions had a higher probability of a successful outcome at Palomar
    Medical Center.

    Elected board members have a duty to inform the public of facts that
    could dramatically alter their health. Tri-City’s board majority
    failed to provide the public with information needed to make informed
    decisions regarding quality of care.

    You have a right to select board members committed to warning you
    about “The Danger Zone” at Tri-City Hospital. Come alongside
    thousands of your fellow residents voting to replace three incumbents
    in the upcoming election.

    • Randy Horton says:

      Tri-City Healthcare District incumbent George Coulter has posted his re-election campaign sign on a lot the hospital is buying! It’s illegal to post campaign signs on hospital property-

  2. R. B. Scow says:

    Lisa Shaffer is absolutely right. And her suggestion should be carried right to the top. When Mr. Obama is campaigning, he should stop calling himself the President. He should also be driving himself from place to place in his own car during the campaign. Do you know how much we taxpayers are shelling out for Air Force One? Why does it take a crew of 26 people to fly one guy around? The craziest part? When they cruise into the ARCO station, Air Force One needs over 65,000 gallons of gas for a fill-up. Its cruising range is 7800 miles. That’s a little more than one-tenth of a mile per gallon. Where are the battery powered jets when you need them?

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