Mary Fleener: May 11, 2012


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  1. Nowoolovermyeyes says:

    Another great cartoon for voter education! Mary Fleener’s
    pictorial depiction of the “pressing” plight of regular
    citizens versus the disingenuous, self enriching career
    politicians dominating our public dialogue should be a
    BIG WAKE UP CALL to all Encinitans. 2012 is the year to
    oust the business as usual good old boys for new candidates
    with a demonstrated track record of integrity and account-
    ability. The future of all our lives here depends on each
    and every one of us tuning in to what is truly at stake in
    our cherished town. It’s definitely worth giving up a few
    hours of surfing, skating, biking, jogging, etc. to protect
    our shared vision of Encinitas by becoming informed voters.
    The Coast News presents the most thorough, reliable coverage for residents to get the background on the many
    issues in the forefront. Special thanks to Ms. Fleener
    with the clever way she engages us in political awareness!

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