Tape comes off banners

Tape comes off banners
Arts Alive organizer Danny Salzhandler reveals the image of Maggie Houlihan. Courtesy photo

ENCINITAS — After City Council OK’d the removal of the blue tape that had been covering the image of late councilwoman Maggie Houlihan on the back sides of the Arts Alive banners hanging through the city, event organizer Danny Salzhandler was able to unmask the image. The banners will remain up for several more weeks before being auctioned off in May.


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  1. Norma says:

    Thank goodness for Danny Salzhandler. Amazing that he still had the passion and energy to spend over 24 hours between 9pm Saturday and 10pm Sunday removing the stickers. In spite of being disillusioned with our city, discouraged with the inaction of various involved factions in the community who feared relatiation,(thereby leaving him solely responsible to answer to the city), and being insulted by inaccurate recounting of events by council and city staff at last week’s council meeting, he just got it done. Rented the lift truck, climbed the ladder and got it done. Thanks should also should go to the individuals who spoke at last week’s council meeting and especially to Ian Thompson for taking the action to bring the city’s wrongful interpretation of code to light. They all get it. The artists and volunteers for 101 Artists Colony salute Ian and Danny. Hard to believe the simple act of memorializing a fierce supporter of the arts, the 101 Artists Colony, and Arts Alive in Encinitas turned into a blame game by the city hiding behind what was called vague code and empty rhetoric regarding proper procedure.

  2. Cyrus Kamada says:

    Thanks Danny for your selfless action. You’ve shown us all that action speaks louder than words. Sometimes art mimics life, and sometimes art pulls life along, kicking and screaming.

  3. Richie Strell says:

    I could not believe that The Arts Alive people covered the image of Maggie Houlihan in the first place. I usually don’t listen and make certain I defy orders from people who seem to be insane. But Danny Salzhandler and the rest of the crew went along with the insanity, I suppose because their hands were literally tied. I was fuming the entire time and but held out hope that an injustice would be corrected. So glad that activism prevailed over moronic hypocrisy. Even if there was 1 day left for the banners to hang, I think Danny would have rented the cherry picker and done the necessary labor to reveal Maggie’s smiling face.
    Now I hope something can be done about forming a City Council that is made up of the type of people that Encinitas personifies. You already have 1 person, Teresa Barth, to form the foundation.

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