Fish 101 delivers fabulous seafood, Leucadia vibe

If you love fresh seafood and a dining environment that combines modern, rustic, casual, and beachy touches with a focus on the highest quality ingredients at a good value, get to Fish 101 in Leucadia now.
If there is new dining establishment in the Encinitas area that deserves to make it it’s this place. Chef owner John Park, his pastry chef wife Jessica and Partner Ray Lowe have brought their San Francisco sophistication, world class culinary training and restaurant experience to funky Leucadia and have blended it perfectly together in their new beach environment.  They have created a hip, cool, tasteful and fun environment with a great soundtrack.
Besides the understated yet very stylish interior and outdoor patio, these proprietors have the personalities to fit the location. John and Ray are genuine guys.  A big reason they chose the location was the proximity to their homes and the ability for them to surf in the morning and to be at the restaurant in time to prep for the day.  That is a healthy way to approach the day and it shows in what they have created.
Park has a background that seems designed for success in this type of endeavor. John has an economics degree from UCSC, is a California Culinary Academy of San Francisco grad, was a former sushi chef at Ace Wasabi’s in San Francisco and Japaengo in La Jolla, and the chef owner of Tokyo Go Go in San Francisco. He is also a complete waterman; counting diving, spear fishing and surfing as his passions. What a perfect mix for a Leucadia seafood restaurant proprietor. 
His wife Jessica is also a CCA graduate and former pastry chef at Home Restaurant in San Francisco. Lowe comes from the San Francisco dining scene, too where he opened the hugely successful Ace Wasabi’s and Tokyo Go Go, which he sold to make the move to North County and pursue the dream of Fish 101. It’s pretty clear that there is some significant talent behind the product.
So now that we have established that Fish 101 nailed the environment, the vibe, and the proprietors are solid folks, let’s get to the goods.
We started with a house made white clam chowder with Manila clams and smoked bacon that was as good as I’ve had. It was a really nice mix of creamy and broth that was not too filling, yet still full of flavor. The grilled shrimp cocktail was bountiful with six sizeable Mexican shrimp served with a Fish 101-made cocktail sauce.  The oyster plate was a combination of local Carlsbad farmed Lunas and Barron Points from Washington with a mignonette and house-made cocktail sauce that made them even more delicious. If you love oysters, Fish 101 does them right.  Steamed mussels also came out with a white wine and leeks broth and grilled bread and all was good in the world of mussels. The albacore tuna poke was insane and the crudo with Hamachi (young Yellowtail) was just as good. I’d really love to get into deeper descriptions of these dishes but my word count is running short. Trust me, they all rock and all of the starters are under $10.
Next up was the fried halibut Po’ Boy on a French roll with house olive oil, organic greens, tomato, and pickled red onions. For some reason fish sandwiches appeal to me as much or more as standalone fish. The combination of a great roll and perfectly paired condiments really add to the experience. This is a great sandwich. There is a burger on the menu that may be nice to throw into the mix next time for a little surf and turf action. The sandwich section ranges in price from $9.95 to $12.95.
The grilled fishplate of the day was the highlight of the experience. It was a super moist white sea bass on a bed of fresh corn with grilled asparagus on the side. A perfect example that healthy and delicious can coexist and at $12.95 — an exceptional value.
Pastry Chef Jessica Lowe’s desserts really cap off a great dining experience. The root beer floater, black bottom crème brulee, and tres leche cake are all as good as I’ve had and really showcase her talent and experience.
It should go without saying, but Fish 101 is committed to serving the freshest local, seasonal, and sustainable fish and shellfish. They also have a nice mix of seafood friendly wines and San Diego craft microbrews. I’ve only touched on their extensive menu and urge you to check it out at and make plans to visit soon.


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  1. Mike R. says:

    Thanks for this info, I just wish you would have included the address.
    The Halibut Po’ Boy w/ olive oil sounds perfect.

  2. Romney says:

    I’ve been here twice and it is true, the food is amazing! I drive 40 minutes to eat here. My 10 year old tried oysters for the first time and loved them. The fish is really gormet and the prices are really reasonable. I love the casual, hip atmosphere. My husband ordered a tall beer and it came in a paper bag! Nothing beats a beer in a paper bag, and fish tacos on their outdoor patio on a nice day.


  3. Nan S says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood Fish 101! I’ve eaten there twice and look forward to eating there again. Next time, I hope there’ll still be some black bottom creme brulee left. So far, its sold out before I’ve made it to the front of the line! (that’s probably a good thing).

  4. Tony Riggs says:

    I’ve eaten there only once and had only the fish tacos, so my comments are limited: The tacos were AWFUL, actually worse that Rubio’s (can that be possible?).
    The batter was mushy, the fish didn’t taste any better than store bought and paying 2.50 for a can of diet coke was the ultimate insult.

    If it’s fish tacos you the reader are looking for, look elsewhere.

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