Student delegation goes to state capitol

ENCINITAS — Students from the Grauer School shined at the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA’s Youth and Government delegation to Sacramento in mid-February, accompanied by faculty member Jessi Young.
Joining 2,200 other high school students, the Grauer faction ran a model government for five days and earned Premier Delegation status. The students descended upon the Supreme Court chambers, the county courthouse and the state capitol and began engaging in a wide range of activities from reporter to attorney and from lobbyist to senator.
Grauer students adopted a variety of roles during the conference. Maddy Swoy worked as a governor’s lobbyist, speaking for bills that the youth governor deemed a priority. Mia sponsored a bill and caused it to be passed through both houses. Alaria Diperna performed as a writer who won an award for excellence in online media. Forrest Gitlin presented a proposal to the National Issue Commission. Luke Ashworth acted a lobbyist who also wrote and passed and original initiative and Mathew Higgins was an attorney in an upper-tier court that won both his charges.
This year marked the 15th anniversary of involvement in the Youth and Government program.
To learn more, visit or call (760) 944-6777.


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