Euthanized puppy found alive in dumpster

OKLAHOMA — in Oklahoma reports that a 3-month-old puppy that was euthanized and declared dead is now alive and ready for adoption.
Wall-e was left in a dumpster outside of a dog shelter with the rest of his litter. They were put to sleep because they appeared to be very sick. A vet checked their pulse and declared them dead. The next day, however, Animal Control Officer Scott Prall found Wall-e wandering around in the dumpster.
“He was just as healthy as could be,” Prall said.
A local vet took him in and after the story hit Facebook the clinic was inundated with calls of people wanting to adopt the dog.
“He needs a really special home because he’s really special,” Kloski said.
The clinic plans to review all the offers to find the best fit for the miracle puppy.


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  1. truth4ualways says:

    arceholes tried to kill then threw God’s creation in the garbage!

  2. Human Being says:

    Animal’s do not have to be euthanized. There are plenty of people that will adopt them. With all of the social websites and the internet in general, a home could be found for any animal. Unfortunately, some people choose to work in animal shelter’s, nursing homes and hostpital’s because they are sadistic. Crazy, but it is a reality. And, it is about time that the problem is addressed.

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