Arrest made in fatal Carlsbad stabbing

CARLSBAD — The arrest of a man with gang ties who fled the state has been made for a March 25 homicide on the 3800 block of Harding Street near the intersection of Carol Place. The victim was found by Carlsbad police after they responded to reports at 10:40 p.m. of a stabbing.
The deceased man has been identified as Devin Allen of Oceanside, who was within one week of his 28th birthday, according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office.
Allen was found with at least one stab wound, and he was “out by the street,” when police arrived at the location, according to Sgt. Mickey Williams of the Carlsbad Police Department.
That area of Harding Street is residential, and located between Tamarack Avenue and the popular tourist attraction Carlsbad Village.
Allen was pronounced dead at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido at 11:33 p.m.
An autopsy report shows that Allen suffered a fatal stab wound to the abdomen.
Williams said that Carlsbad police have identified Juan Rocha as a suspect in the homicide, and Rocha was arrested on March 29 at a bus station in Indianapolis, Ind.
Rocha was booked into a jail in Indiana on a murder charge and also charged with assisting a street gang to commit a felony.
Local authorities received assistance in Rocha’s arrest from the U.S. Marshal’s Office and the Indianapolis Police Department.
The Carlsbad Police Department is continuing its investigation of any additional suspects and requests that anyone who has information on this homicide please call (760) 931-2197.


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  1. oceansider says:

    juan rochA deserves nothing but to rot in hell,which is what is going to happen,god will take care of him. who cares if his fam grew up in california, this kis thought he was tough, a gangbanger,from carlsbad ca…his fam should of cared enough about their child to get him away from the wrong kids,but they didnt…and now a beautifull little girl has NO FATHER get your heAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS KIDS gangs suck and are pointless to the tee. this was senseless and stupid…this kid juan doesnt know the first thing about respect,this wasnt even a gang related incident, pure lack of respect for an amazing man who did amazing to his family and community RIP devin

  2. so90 says:

    when rocha gets to north county california, he will be punished, for im sure a couple of his compadres will have known and loved and respected devin in some way, carlsbad sucks, too busy worrying about the multi million dollar homes, and art fairs and shit, take notice to your kids..with the knife in their hands..fleeing the state ,as a murderer…did his family ask why he was going to indiana? taking innocent lives.. juans facebook says he went to "thuglife high" WHAT A NICE, YOUNG,INTELLIGENT MAN,FATHER BROTHER AND SON,he deserves what he panned out and more

  3. ibsiluv says:

    i hope rocha rots in hell for what hes done. he deserves only the worst. he should have killed one of his lowlife gangster friends instead.

  4. ChrisCotto says:

    I heard about this the other day and it brought me back 20 years when I was stabbed across the street at Tamarack Apts by A Juan Rocha. I wonder if this was the son of the Juan Rocha that stabbed me, I know he had a son the same age. I hope he rots in jail and gets what he deserves.

  5. anonymous says:

    all u dumbass people that are posting shit about juan rocha first of all you shouldnot judge any one you dont know if he even did it..! only one person can judge us and thats god!! fucken ignorent bitches!!

  6. anonymous says:

    Devin was the Best Man at my brother’s wedding. This is all a little too surreal at the moment. All I know is that fate is a cruel mistress. Extending webs of despair around those who gleefully entertain the most reckless of paths (Rocha). You will be missed, Devin. You were a good man. RIP.

    As for Rocha, I hope he can be rehabilitated and find a positive facet in which to contribute to society once again. It’s sad to lose someone you loved to either the grip of death or those who put you in shackles.

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