Recruiter requests citizen input on city manager search

ENCINITAS — Bobbi Peckham, a principal with Peckham & McKenny based in Sacramento, gave a presentation to the City Council on Jan. 12 regarding the recruitment efforts to find a replacement for interim City Manager Phil Cotton.
“I want to fully understand the city of Encinitas,” she said. She will meet with individual City Council members, the current interim city manager and the city’s management team on Jan. 13 in an effort to accomplish that goal. However, she also left the door open for residents to add their input as well.
In late May, Cotton, 61, submitted his resignation, saying he was ready to retire after 12 years with the city. His last day was scheduled to be July 6. City Council voted June 23 to offer departing City Manager Phil Cotton a temporary contract as interim city manager.
Deputy Mayor Jerome Stocks and Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan make up the ad-hoc committee to facilitate the hiring efforts to replace Cotton.
Peckham said she is already advertising the position in industry publications, but that “anyone who is interested in applying may apply” by the Feb. 21 deadline.
A dozen to 20 leading candidates will be presented for the council’s review in the later part of March. The first round of interviews with finalists will begin in early April.
“We do not want only a presentation by the consultant,” Sheila Cameron, a former City Council member and mayor, said. She reminded the council that it voted to include public comment in the qualification discussions for the new city manager.
The public can e-mail Peckham directly at with suggestions for the city manager position.


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  1. anonymous says:

    Let’s start off with a requirement that the new Encinitas City Manager be honest and not steal from Encinitas taxpayers. I want for Phil Cotton to return the $11,000 that he took in violation of his month to month contract as an hourly worker with no benefits.

    All this money, on top of 2 penision. What is he doing with it?

  2. Rufus T. says:

    No amount of money is worth taking the City Manager’s job in Encinitas; the incredibly disturbed minority on the council; the unbalanced local press (bought and paid for)and the thirty chronically unemployed denizens who haunt city hall and the council meetings.
    What a freak show.

  3. Real Encinitas says:


    I disagree with your position. Many of the meeting attendees are gainfully employed, yet they attend meetings after work without pay because of their love of this community and out of their sense of responsibility.

    Mr. Cotton, in contrast, is in the top job in Encinitas and thinks that taxpayers should pay him money to stay at home–in violation of his own contract.

    What is wrong with this picture? Is it prudent that all City contracts have been signed off by him? Has he been working with Danny Dalager? No wonder they are always claiming that the city is "broke!"

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