New vaccination law affects students

VISTA — Beginning July 1, the TDAP vaccine which covers tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) will be mandatory for all children grades seven to 12. There is currently an epidemic of Whooping Cough in California. Parents are encouraged to have their child vaccinated as soon as possible.
This vaccine is available through the Vista Community Clinic Wellness Clinic or through any of our five clinic sites. The Wellness Clinic is located at 1000 Vale Terrace, and walk-in hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Your insurance may cover the cost of the vaccine. Uninsured students in this grade range may qualify for a $4 vaccine. The full cost of the vaccine is $53. For more information, contact the Wellness Clinic at (760) 631-5000, ext. 1114.


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  1. Willis S. Langford says:

    I am 91 years. I have studied health and wellness for 60 years, researched and written two books, many articles and for the last twelve years, I have researched, and counseled parents of Autistic, Down’s and other troubled children and parents. Hear Me.

    Do not allow these misguided public officials to coerce you into damaging your child with this vaccine. It is one of the most dangerous.

    There is a reason you have winter illnesses. There is not enough sun being taken. So, take half-hour of noonday sun, and/or give the children 1200 IU vitamin D3, an inexpensive supplement. Young Adults need 2000 IU, Older Adults need 4000 IU. The elderly and those with a dark skin double those figures. Skeptical? Do a google on vitamin D.

    As to this damnable vaccine being mandatory…no vaccine is mandatory. Every state has exemptions.
    Claim them! These misguided medical and school personnel will shame you, threaten you, browbeat you, and in everyway seek to deprive you of your free choice. DO NOT succumb to this BULLYING, which schools are supposedly seeking to overcome in children. When will they learn?

    The worst they can do is cause you to keep the children out of school when there is an "epidemic" in school. Note that everything is "epidemic" these days. Homeschool, and your kids will be the better for it.


    (760) 439-7884

  2. Greg Cunningham says:

    Dear Willis S. Langford,
    Unfortunately for your 60 years of experience, science has advanced far past the days of "Don’t take this vaccine because I say so."
    People can do their own research now and find out the truth on their own. You’re doing no one a favor when you present a myopic idea as fact.

  3. anonymous says:

    Everyday, children are vaccinated against many deadly life-threatening diseases, and have no problems throughout their life span.

    Please refer to the above link stating vaccinations have had no bearing for causing autism due to the altercation of test results.

    At no time is a child or parent ever "forced" into any decision they would not want, there is always an option for a parent to decline any recommended procedure.

    Medical Professionals are here to provide the best well being for you or your child, and truely care, as well as, stand behind our beliefs.

    Should a parent have questions on any vaccine, medication, or medical procedure, please make sure to consult a medical professional, and together can help you decide what is right for your child.

  4. anonymous says:

    Thank you Willis for your not so popular but strong perspective!!! Your wisdom will have an affect on people for years to come.

    I’d like to point out to the others who have commented negatively on Willis’ posting, what causes autism is yet to be determined. And we do know that there are many different types of autism now. We also have to look at who is doing these studies and how they are done. Maybe it’s not the thermisol in the MMR since they took it out. Perhaps its the Dtap which still contains Mercury. We don’t know what is causing it but we know something is happening to our kids. The parents have intuition that is being surpressed by doctors, schools, and the government who don’t like us to ask questions.

    I am a scared mother of soon to be 3 children, whose second child had a reaction to the Dtap. The doctors told me it was a coincidence that she had a severe rash all over her body and a temperature 3 hours after the shot and that they had also never had any other children with issues with the shot. I also work with children with autism and I hear their stories time and time again echoing "my child was fine before the shot". We must be able to ask questions and look into what we are putting into our children’s bodies. These are our babies who WE are responsible for. "Bullying" is absolutely the word I would use to describe what the government and schools are trying to do here. And somewhere in the root of all of it is money!

    No one wants an epidemic. No one wants our children to become sick, or even die. Intimidating us into vaccinating is ridiculous. But who are they to tell us what is best for our children and try to make it mandatory. We need the facts, not opinions, and we need to start empowering parents again. We all want our children to be healthy.

    Willis, you are inspirational for standing up for what you know to be true. Keep it up!!! Thank you!

  5. Babs? says:

    I”m shocked especially considering that 84% of the cali cases were kids already vaccinated. If the vaccine isn’t working why make it mandatory?

  6. anonymous says:

    Wondering the same thing Babs! Interesting isn’t it….

  7. Brian80 says:

    If parents in California don’t want their 7-12 graders to get the Tdap vaccine, all they have to do is sign form CDPH 8261, saying it is against their personal beliefs. All schools are sent this form by the health department.

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