The San Diego Symphony celebrated its Opus 2010 Centennial Gala Concert with cellist Yo-Yo Ma on Dec. 3 at the Balboa Theater. Enjoying the evening, from left, Doug Sargent, Crystal Watkins of Torrey Pines Bank with Charles and Tanya Brandes. The Brandes were the underwriters bringing Yo Yo Ma to perform at the gala. Courtesy photo


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  1. Staci Walsh says:

    Oh my gosh what a small world!!! The man on the left saved my 2 year old daughter from choking in 1987 at the carlos murphy restaurant in La mesa!! I remember he said his name was Doug when I thanked him!!!!!!!! He has the same smile with just more grey hair. God Bless him..

  2. William Logan says:

    Yo-Yo Ma has unbelievable talent. The man is a genius in the purest form.

  3. Chryssy72 says:

    That is my fiance, Doug! My colleague saw your post and sent it to me. I asked him if he had saved a child from chocking in La Mesa. He looked so puzzled, like how in the world could I know that! I told him how I learned about his heroics -his reaction was so gracious. He said he was amazed that after all this time you still remember him. He was more grateful that his quick actions had such a lasting impact! But that’s my Doug! He is an amazing man and person!

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