Carmel Valley, Del Mar to have fluoride added to water

COAST CITIES — Certain areas are scheduled to begin fluoridating drinking water beginning Dec. 22. All residents in the city of San Diego, as well as residents of the cities of Del Mar, Coronado and Imperial Beach will be impacted
The cities will supplement naturally occurring fluoride and imported fluoridated water in drinking water in order to meet the standards established by the California Department of Public Health.
California state law requires water agencies with more than 10,000 water service connections (which includes the city of San Diego) fluoridate their drinking water supplies. However, a public water system is exempt from fluoridating until sufficient outside funding is available. Both the California Attorney General and the San Diego City Attorney’s Office noted that when sufficient funding became available, San Diego Municipal Code Section 67.0101, which prohibits the city from fluoridation, would be pre-empted by state law.
In June 2008, City Council accepted an offer of funding from the First 5 Commission of San Diego County for the purpose of fluoridating the city’s public water supply. The commission’s offer of up to $3,927,016 is for full funding of the capital costs and up to two years of operating and maintenance expenses necessary to implement fluoridation at each of the city’s three water treatment plants.
For more information, visit “Water Fluoridation” at or call the San Diego Public Utilities Department at (619) 515-3500. Customers who have health questions should consult with their medical or dental practitioner.


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  2. Richard Sauerheber says:

    Hollywood Park racetrack is now closed because of poor attendance. This is largely because of the increase in horse fatalities that occurred after racetrack water became artificially fluoridated. It appears that the fluoride ion which forms HF in the acidic stomach is aggravating ulcers that 85% of racehorses have, causing mis-steps in those developing heartburn. Del Mar fortunately does not board horses longterm. At Los Alamatos and Hollywood Park, breakdowns per season increased 300% after fluoridated water was delivered to the tracks where horses board year round without pasture grazing. The Del Mar track has enough problems and does not need toxic fluoride in its drinking water. The State does not “mandate” it–State law does not even mention what chemical to use that contains fluoride, and the opening sentence in CA AB733 presumes that ingested fluoride affects caries when it doesn’t (see earlier post). Fluoride is not a component of the bloodstream and in fact is a contaminant and a calcium chelator. How can city officials be so easily duped or forced to waste money on this illegal, useless, harmful corruption of our drinking water?

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