14-year-old suspected drug cartel murderer a U.S. citizen

CUERNAVACA, MEXICO — Sandiego6.com reports that a Mexican state governor says a 14-year-old suspected of murdering for drug gangs is a U.S. Citizen.
According to Morelos Gov. Marco Adame Castillo, the teen was born in San Diego.
On Dec. 3 Castillo said that officials are researching whether he is also a citizen of Mexico. Although state courts handle juvenile in Mexico, state authorities have asked the federal government to take over the case due to the seriousness of his crimes.
“El Ponchis” as the teen is known told reporters Dec. 3 that he has worked for a drug cartel since he was 11 and participated in at least four decapitations.
“El Ponchis” was captured Dec. 2 at the airport near Cuernavaca with his sister as they attempted to catch a flight to Tijuana an official said.
The sister, 16, told reporters they planned to cross the border to San Diego where their mother lives.
A source said the two were brought into the Mexican Attorney General’s Office where the sister was accused of dumping the bodies on streets and freeways.
The source said the teen admitted to participating in four executions while drugged and under the threat of death.


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