COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Highlighting the positive amidst negative campaigning

It has been my honor and privilege to have served the community as a member of the City Council and I would be honored to have your vote again.
The truth is, I’m very proud of our accomplishments during my time on our City Council. Through these difficult economic times:
— We maintain one of the largest financial reserves of any city, initiated pension reform, and our fiscal policies have earned us the highest possible credit rating.
— We’ve had zero layoffs, that has allowed us to continue with capital projects, and have no cutbacks in city services.
— We’ve made public safety a top budget priority, resulting in one of the lowest crime rates in the county.
— The EPA honored us as one of the nation’s most energy efficient city halls.
— We were also awarded best-restored beach for our work on Grandview Beach — using only transient occupancy taxes!
— We’ve won hard-fought approvals for the Hall Community Park, performing arts center at San Dieguito Academy and Scripps Hospital expansion.
I’ve been part of this community my whole life, but now my political opponents — the same individuals who opposed all of these approvals — are trying to tear me down right before the election. The nasty negative politics we all see at the national and state level has now unfortunately come to our wonderful small city. An honest debate of the issues that will impact the citizens of Encinitas is now buried in this storm of personal attacks.
Their last-minute attacks, however, can’t undo my five decades of commitment to Encinitas and I will not participate in this negative campaigning.
It’s an interesting coincidence that most of the dirt that has been tossed about comes from people opposed to our wonderful Hall Park and a necessary Scripps Hospital expansion. I strongly support both of these community improvements. If I have to be on the receiving end of this treatment for my support, so be it.
With your continued faith and support, we will finish the work we’ve started:
— Protect the Hall Community Park approval, and get it built.
— Assist Scripps Hospital in its expansion to better serve our needs.
— Initiate the northern Highway 101 and Cardiff specific plan.
— Replenish the sand to protect our beaches and bluffs.

Together, we will make Encinitas an even better place to live. Thank you.

Mayor Dan Dalager has been a member of Encinitas City Council for eight years.


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  1. Go Dan says:

    Dan. We are with you in your fight against the politics of personal destruction. Politics as usual is what is destroying this great country of ours and I am so disgusted by the actions of your opponents that I would gladly vote for you twice if I could. COUNT ON MY VOTE and I’ll tell all my neighbors about the way you are being treated and to vote for you too. You have done so many wonderful things for our community and I love living here. Keep the faith and don’t participate in the negative campaigning.

  2. Dan's the Man! says:

    Dan, I am disgusted by the political slime the haters are heaping on you. We all know the real you, and we all know this just vicious election year politics, and we’ll re-elect you so you can continue representing the REAL Encinitas. We want you to:
    — Protect the Hall Community Park approval, and get it built.
    — Assist Scripps Hospital in its expansion to better serve our needs.
    — Initiate the northern Highway 101 and Cardiff specific plan.
    — Replenish the sand to protect our beaches and bluffs.

    And continue to stand up to the bitter, petty, mean spirited forces.

    Bless you for all you do for our community!

  3. David Smith says:

    Mayor Dalager
    As our elected official, you are expected and required to practice and adhere to a higher moral and ethical standard. Your overall neglect and avoidance of our citys citizens’ call for transparency and accountability is nothing short of appalling.
    Your indiscretions both publicly known and those yet not disclosed will not go unchecked, and you will be held accountable. The council and the management of the City of Encinitas is has been operating under a facade of transparency, accessibility, and credability.
    In a sense, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for bringing the blatant corruption to light.
    Your public indiscretions have served as a catalyst to unite individual activist in calling for a legitimate and credible city government. Keep up the avoidance, as it only give us more volume and public awareness of our city’s systemic problems.

  4. John Bently says:

    Why aren’t they talking about Ms. Houlhan’s campaign violations or Barth abuse of spending?

    This paper is bias because Ms. Barth father works there.


  5. Not Truthful Again says:

    Mr Dalager.
    This is another example of deceit. You know for a fact that the Hall property plan IS NOT A COMMUNITY PARK. The majority of citizens wanted a community park. This is a SPECIAL USE PARK, and you know it. You have lied to the community in a General Plan and zoning change notice on the 44 acres of the proposed park. You directed the notice to state that the Hall EIR was certified and approved by our Planning Department. You know that is not true. It was rejected.
    After three months of presenting your plan to change the City General Olan and spot zoning on the Hall Property, you still will not tell the citizens any details of these proposals. Why? Here again, you offer an example that you are not truthful.
    Everyone wants the Park built. It would be built now if you had not put all your energy into creating Regional Sports Park for a small minority of the community and out of towners, dividing the community, ignoring the wishes of the majority and attempting to distroy the community character of this area of Encinitas.
    You have wasted taxpayers money on the delays YOU have caused.
    You are not being truthful, again.

  6. Watch The Monkey says:

    "Their last-minute attacks, however, can’t undo my five decades of commitment to Encinitas and I will not participate in this negative campaigning."
    You have not addressed any of the issues that have been raised. Your attempt to blame others and STILL not address issues may fool some, but hopefully not enough to keep you in office.
    Your indiscretions are recorded and inexcusable.
    Your attempt to not address valid concerns of the community and divert attention to the monkey is not honorable. Your actions at the last council meeting shows you do not want open government in our city.
    If you looked at all the complaints honestly and with a view of what would be best for our community, you too would vote for Barth and Krantz

  7. anonymous says:

    To Dalager: Your statement that you will not participate in negative campaigns is BS. Your negative campaign brochure is full of untruths and innuendo. You are again not telling the truth. Please tell us what ‘they’ are saying that is not true. How can you expect anyone to believe you?
    As for honest debate, you totally ignore the issues that have been brought up by the citizens. Please, comment on why you were recorded voting for petitioners before council that you had received goods and services and did not recuse yourself. Or just because it is negative to you, you feel no obligation to respond to taxpayers valid concerns.

  8. RealEncinitas says:

    Mr. Dalager,

    How do you account for the 3 investigations into your activities that are pending against you at the same time if this is only a case of voters trying to "tear you down right before the election?" Do you seriously believe that these agencies also involved in a conspiracy against you, too?

    Now that anyone can listen to Council meetings over the computer and verify for themselves what involved citizens have been saying all along, you are doing more to damage your own reputation than any single person or group of 100 could possibly do to your credibility.

    People who share this same negative opinion of you live in every corner of Encinitas, and for the most part, we don’t even know eachother. What binds us together when we meet is a shared respect for the legal system, citizen participation, fairness, and the preservation of our beautiful community. We want to focus on issues (please spare us the squirrel hunting stories)and participate in the political process while fostoring a place for honest and open discussion–not back room deals.

  9. jherald says:

    Interesting how the supports of Dan Dalager do not present anything but complaints as to how poor Dan is being treated. No
    valid information to counter the "smears" against him. Mr. Dalager is running a "poor picked on me campaign" with negative information because he does not have anything else. Rather than being proud of the $81.00 he has spend on a city credit card….one has to ask if these cards are for conducting city business….what have you been doing??????

  10. Observor says:

    The commentor "Go Dan" says he would vote twice for Dalager if he could – appropriate that he would suggest another felonious action to keep this crook in office. Birds of a feather ……

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