Child reports approach by stranger in Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — An alert was sent out to all parents of students of Solana Santa Fe School, 6570 El Apajo, on Sept. 9 after an incident was reported after school hours on the playground.
During soccer practice Sept. 7, a 5-year-old girl reported to her father that she had seen a man with blond, curly hair, wearing a dark jacket, “hiding” behind a shed on the upper playground. The man reportedly asked the girl if she wanted to see his bunny. The child immediately reported the incident to her father who was on the soccer field.
Principal Julie Norby reminded parents of the safety procedures at the school. Each morning before students and staff arrive, a plant foreman does a security sweep of the entire playground and all buildings. All staff members are trained to look for anything unusual and to report any “suspicious” activity to the office. All visitors are required to check in at the office and wear a visitor badge while on campus. Whenever students are on the playground during school times, there is adult supervision spread across all areas of the playground.
She reminded all parents who use the fields on the weekends or after school, that the playground is an open public space and not monitored by school staff. It is very important that the children have close supervision, just as at any public park.
Norby suggested a review of basic “stranger danger” rules with your children.


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