Community Commentary: My work here is done

It’s said that time flies when you’re having fun, so I guess that’s why it feels like I took the position as CEO of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce five years ago. As I look back on the almost one year since I took over, most of it seems like a blur to me.
For the first six months I worked seven days a week and 12 hours a day to create a new and positive direction for the chamber. There were many critical issues that needed attention and I had to pick the top ones to focus on. As I look back now, I am very pleased with the results we were able to achieve and how we created a new standard by which the organization would be judged.
To be perfectly honest, the effort was much greater than I expected and the long days and 100 mph pace took their toll on me. I was fortunate to have a few dedicated people work tirelessly with me like Pat Reinhardt, Debbie Caligiuri and most recently Marilyn Phenow, without whom I could not have achieved the outstanding results that are now evident.
Membership, both new and renewals, has been surging. Our State of the City Awards Dinner was a sold-out, bang-up success. The upcoming A Sporting Life health and sports fair is expected to become an annual celebration of wellness for our children. I am most proud of the Education and Healthcare Committees we have established, along with the Arts in Business Program.
It is expected that the Education Committee will create a business partnership between each classroom in our three school districts and a local business. Through the Healthcare Committee we are producing a monthly story in the newspapers to tout Encinitas as a medical destination of significant credibility, which it hugely deserves. Also, we are sponsoring a series of monthly panel discussions with the Encinitas Library to give the public an opportunity to meet world-class doctors and learn volumes about today’s key wellness issues.
At the end of the day, I am very proud of today’s Encinitas Chamber of Commerce and what it is currently achieving and what it stands for. This town is great and it needs and deserves a quality Chamber of Commerce and it now can boast one.
So what’s next? Well, for the chamber it is now time for a new leader. The table is set and the momentum is strong, so now it needs an ambitious and youthful new “sheriff,” as the current “marshal” feels he has done his job and must move onto something else.
I feel that I achieved what I set out to do and enjoyed the challenge.
Now I would like to find another opportunity, locally I hope, where I can apply my energies and lifetime of experiences. I have grown to love and respect Encinitas, and have made hundreds of new acquaintances, many of whom I hope to continue to work with. My expectation is to stay involved with the chamber, especially with the Education and Healthcare Committees. We have a new and growing board of directors, whom I expect will take my vision and grow with it. I truly feel that I have done all I could do and feel excited for the chamber and for my next opportunity. So for now I must say so long, but not goodbye.


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  1. downtowner says:

    Mr. Weinreb’s work is done; if by ‘work’ you mean allowing himself to be forced to operate in such a manner by two unscrupulous city council people that guaranteed legal and financial failure.

    His resume was never vetted, nor was his hiring legal.

    And then when Mr. Weinreb was forced by a lawsuit for defaming the former CEO into telling the truth under oath; the truth came out; Mr. Weinreb admitted under oath in his own sworn testimony to the San Diego County Superior Court that the Mayor of Encinitas Maggie Houlihan “demanded” and “forced” Weinreb and the small group of hangers-on on the Chamber board to falsify charges against former board members and employees in a quid pro quo agreement for continuation of financial support from the city;

    2 things then happened; Weinreb’s attorney portayed Weinreb as having been knowingly and illegally extorted by Mrs. Houlihan and in doing so, the Judge allowed the extension of Mrs. Houlihan’s Executive Priviledge as Mayor to Mr. Weinreb and the Chamber Members that perjured themselves and stuck the victims with the Chamber’s legal fees even though the victims were never allowed their day in court.

    So, Mr. Weinreb is correct, his ‘work’ is done because when the City Council discovered that Weinreb had given Houlihan up and exposed her under sworn testimony; Houlihan and the other four council people voted unanimously to cut off any further financial ties to the failing chamber.

    While Mr. Weinreb ran the chamber for 8 months it was continually admonished by the City, the County Supervisor’s office for Marijuana Sales advertising, the Internal Revenue Service for not having kept minutes of financial decisions made by a board; AND the chamber NEVER was forced to submit a formal audit to the city that is still under tremendous pressure from the San Diego County Grand Jury.

    Mr. Weinreb leaves the Chamber in the hands of a board almost completely comprised of part-time business owners from outside Encinitas’ s borders.

    Not one of the Special Events broke even much less were profitable.

    The Chamber’s doors close forever downtown at the City’s Visitor Center on June 30th, 2010; adrift in an ocean of red ink and illegal operations; while Mr. Weinreb gouges local business owners to recommend him for CEO jobs in north county that he is truly not qualified for.

    Unless your goal is bankruptcy.

    Yes, let us all pray his work is done.

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