Man arrested for brandishing firearm

CARLSBAD — On Dec. 26 at about 9:30 p.m., Carlsbad police responded to a 911 call of a man brandishing a gun. Officers responded to the Albertsons Grocery Store located at 7660 El Camino Real in Carlsbad. At the rear of the store they located the victim, Andres Garcia. Garcia was at the rear of the store looking for food items in the trash when the suspect, Michael Snyder, accompanied by his juvenile son, were in their street sweeper cleaning the parking lot area behind the Albertsons. A verbal confrontation occurred between Snyder and Garcia. At one point, according to Garcia, Snyder reached down into a duffle bag located on the floorboard of his truck and pulled out a black pistol.
Garcia called police and officers located Snyder a short distance away in his street sweeper along with his son. A search of Snyder’s truck revealed the presence of two Glock .45 caliber semi-automatic pistols, both registered to Snyder.
Garcia placed Snyder under citizen’s arrest. Snyder was transported to the Carlsbad Police Department where he was processed and booked for brandishing a firearm and carrying two concealed firearms in a vehicle.


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  1. Bill Heyder, O'side. says:

    In reading this article I am distressed in the use of the term Semi-automatic Pistol. The writer should have called it a pistol or a hand gun and not demonized the attack any more then it was!! All Pistols are semi-automatic’s!!
    A “Machine Pistol” has the ability to discharge a multiple number of shots with only one pull of the trigger. The public never hears of this because their use is extremely rare! These guns costing in the thousands of dollars. As a fact the police carry semi-automatic weapons as their standard side arm. As does our sons and daughters in the military. As do most civilian Canceled Carry Weapons permit holders in San Diego. And the largest number of handguns in the home are semi-automatic pistols !!
    OK, What is an “Semi-Automatic Pistol”, It is a single shot handgun capable of carrying only ONE shot per pull of the trigger !! And internally carrying up to a state maximum number of 10 addition cartridges. With the ability of reloading the pistol chamber with a fresh cartridge after each shot, the trigger MUST be reset each time in order to fire the gun an additional time. Thus the ” Semi Automatic Reloading Firearm” or as the writer put it an assault with a Semi-Automatic firearm. Whether it be a Pistol or a Revolver the charge is still assault!
    But as most of us know the news media likes to expand on an already bad situation!!!
    If you are going to talk firearms GET TRAINED !!!

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