Letters: Sept. 11, 2009

Leucadia needs to pave way for bikers
After attending last weekend’s ArtWalk (Aug. 30), I was highly impressed to hear more about the Leucadia 101 Streetscape Plan’s evolution. Alas, the thought that Leucadia might finally join the modern world and offer bikers a bike lane down our Highway 101 corridor through Leucadia warms my soul and makes me want to pump up my tires again! As a 26-year resident of Leucadia, and world traveler, it makes no sense to me how a green and funky, progressive (?) coastal town can push its bikers into the traffic lane (and walkers by the way, given the shortage of sidewalks here too, but another subject) by going without bike lanes, and the current situation is a real cause of heightened anxiety every time I drive in my own neighborhood. I see cities around the world and in the USA actively promoting biking and pro-actively accommodating it on their roads and right of ways. That Leucadia is finally discussing this (hark!) and hopefully with the Encinitas City Council’s unanimous support, is music to my ears. And, I favor whatever it takes to achieve this vision.
Let’s keep up the forward momentum and progressive thinking. I like what I see with the Leucadia 101 Streetscape plans. Hopefully in my lifetime we’ll achieve this. Leucadia will be better off for it and so will all the stakeholders — including our environment.

David Golman


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  1. Bicyclist says:

    North 101 is an historic HIGWAY. Bicyclists can share the lanes, or can take Neptune or Vulcan. I am in favor of maintaing and replanting the medians, replanting the trees that have been taken out, but most residents are not in favor of eliminating one lane going northbound, and are not in favor of three or more roundabouts in less than two miles.

    You know our only alternative is not roundabouts and taking away a traffic lane. We can keep our community charm, replace and maintain the canopy, and still have two lanes northbound, and two lanes southbound.

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