Healing Crusade aims to bring the sick back to health through prayer

OCEANSIDE — A woman with loss of hearing in one ear walks onto the Pier Amphitheater stage during the Healing Crusade, held July 24 and July 25. The pastor cries out inspirational words. The woman quivers and says her hearing is restored. Many call it a miracle. Pastor Tim Moynihan of The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship calls it faith.
“Healing is one component of the gospel,” Moynihan, of Potter’s House Christian Fellowship, said. “God doesn’t mind being put on display. God doesn’t mind a crowd.”
Walking on stage for an altar calling and asking to be healed is a strong display of faith, according to Moynihan. He said he does not want there to be any confusion that faith is what the crusade is all about. “We don’t even take an offering for this,” he said. “We don’t take advantage of sick people and take their money.”
Many miracles reportedly happen during the crusade, but not everyone who asks is healed. “Healing is an art not a science,” Moynihan said. “There are so many dynamics in faith.”
In addition to offering healing prayers, the crusade also gives young believers a platform to preach and perform Christian music. More than 20 bands from local churches performed during the two-day crusade.
The annual Healing Crusade by The Potter’s House has been held at the Pier Amphitheater for 22 consecutive years.


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  1. potters house cult says:

    The PH are one church i would not recomend, their are reported abuses that go on, in a majority of the churches.

    goto http://www.firstplumbline.net/html/thepottershouse.html


    and http://voiceofwarning.net/

    speak to former members here


    for more info.

  2. Real Christian says:

    Jesus saves, heals and sets people free. That’s the doctrine of the Potter’s House. Some people love to criticize things they have never seen or experienced. Some people slander in the name of Jesus Christ. Most slanderers are backsliders, ignorant people, God-haters or, worse, the religiously lukewarm. Read Revelation chapter 3 where Jesus Christ declares that the lukewarm make Him want to vomit. It is a sin to imply that this church is a cult when you never even visited this particular church. You are sick.

  3. Imabelieverin777 says:

    Thank God for this ministry. I was healed in 1992 of scoliosis and back pain and taking 800 mg of motrin a day in the military. My friend brought me out and the evangelist prayed for me and my leg grew out an inch. I didn’t even believe in this stuff, only believed that Jesus could do anything. I have had NO PAIN in my back since 1991. I seen many miracles since. God delivered me from alcoholism and bitterness, too. God bless these people, I am going back in 2010.

  4. Pastor Tim says:

    Jesus Christ still heals and saves! This year’s Oceanside Crusade is July 23 and 24. The preaching starts at 7pm each night and there is live Christian music just prior to the start of each service. For more information go to the Crusade website at:
    For more information about this ministry:
    Hope to see you there.
    May God bless, save and keep you all,
    Pastor Tim
    Oceanside, CA

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