Tri-City Teen Talent founder, 14-year-old Helena Marie Woods, shared a song with Adolph Kuhn at one of Tri-City Teen Talent’s concerts. The group is a volunteer organization of talented teens who donate talent and time to entertain at retirement communities and other local community events. Tri-City Teen talent consists of a variety of local vocalists, dancers, actors, karate and other performing young artists. This is also an opportunity for students to gain community service hours. The group recently performed for seniors at retirement centers in Vista and Oceanside. “I was part of a Christmas group that performed Christmas carols at local senior centers,” Helena said. “Once a year is just not enough.” Courtesy photo


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  1. Jim Hoffmann says:

    December 7, 2010
    “Forrest Gump – move over! Adolph Kuhn is the real McCoy!” JaVaH Publishing
    December 7, 2011 will be the SEVENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of one of history’s most infamous events…THE JAPANESE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR, what FDR called “a date which will live in infamy.”
    Adolph Kuhn: An American Journey (Create Space 2010) is based upon Adolph Kuhn’s personal interviews, his poignant poetry, indelible short stories, and ongoing daily diary entries dating back to 1939. This great American journey opens with Adolph Kuhn describing his early life on a hardscrabble Kansas farm. Then the Great Depression and the hardships he faces. When World War II erupts, it gives Adolph Kuhn his big chance to finally leave the farm for a better life. Yet, he simply leaves one difficult world for another. The day of the attack changes Adolph Kuhn from a young man to a twenty year OLD man, being almost killed several times. Today, he is now known as the "Hero of Pearl Harbor" for his exploits that day (thanks to his guardian angels) and has a famous photo to prove it. After meeting his wife to be at a San Francisco party and marrying her five months later, he is discharged in 1946 and proceeds to ply his ingrained, good old American grit in making a living for his wife and recently born son. Working at a variety of occupations, Adolph Kuhn works his way through various ups and downs, never giving up, always striving to be his best, the way his old world parents wanted him to live his life. The American way. It was this "through pluck and luck" philosophy of life that leads him to one of his most memorable moments: working on the classic film "It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," at the personal request of Stanley Kramer. Adolph stops working at the age of 70 and starts writing poetry and short stories, amongst other activities. He continues his diary to this day, some seventy-one years later.
    Adolph Kuhn: An American Journey is a unique memoir of what the American Dream is all about: family, struggle, perseverance. Given today’s economic and social malaise, this story brings hope. Today, Adolph Kuhn is a sought after speaker, writer, philosopher and role model. Read his book and find out why…
    To order copies of Adolph Kuhn: An American Journey (ISBN #1456316826) visit your favorite local or internet bookseller, or simply go to Amazon.com.
    Interviews of the author are available upon request.
    Contact: Jim Hoffmann @ 760-946-0308 (d3hoffmann@yahoo.com) for more information…

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