Columnist, community figure dies

Local figure Bob Nanninga died after a battle with pneumonia Feb. 14. Nanninga was a fixture in both North County politics and the arts as well as a longtime columnist for the Coast News Group. Leave your thoughts here.


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  1. Judy Shapiro says:

    Truly sad news hearing about Bob’s early passing. I will certainly miss his weekly column. You will be missed…Rest in peace Bob!

  2. Stephanie Bromley says:

    I am stunned and saddened – to say the least – over the passing of Bob Nanninga. As his one-time former editor of The Coast News, we clashed on many issues. But as stubborn as we both were, Bob’s passion for the environment and for the city he lived in was apparent to all who knew him or read his columns, weather you agreed with him or not. Although Bob is gone, I have a feeling he won’t be forgotten anytime soon.
    Stephanie Martin Bromley
    Orange County, CA

  3. KungFuSurferJudd says:

    Bob: I know you’re reading all these comments in cyber heaven. Please know you are greatly missed. It’s going to take a few hundred of us to do a fraction of work you did to give a voice to preserving open spaces and the environment in Encinitas.

    I always liked having you as a bedrock of this community to fight the unscrupulous real estate developers and anti-environmental city council wonks.

    You can’t be replaced but hopefully your legacy will inspire dozens to work towards environmental sustainability in Encinitas.

    It’s cliche to say “Rest in Peace.” Somehow even in another spiritual plane, you are probably working on inter-galactic sustainability.

    We miss you Bob!

  4. Jonathan Baker says:

    Today is March 10th, 2009, and I am stunned and deeply saddened to only now read of Bob Nanninga’s death.

    I live in New York City, and I subscribe to The Coast News as a way of keeping in touch with the community I was raised in three decades ago. And, here is the paper before me…

    The Coast News would arrive in my mailbox and I always opened it first to Bob’s column. His profound insights were always illuminating. I read the N.Y.Times every morning, and I found Bob’s columns to be fully on a par with those of Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, and other celebrated columnists in the Times.

    I never met Bob, but I feel I have lost a great friend because that is how I came to regard him over the many years, and I now regret that I did not contact him directly to thank him for what his observations had added to my life. Bob was a deep and thoughtful intellect who looked many layers beneath the surface of the obvious. Comforting cliches were swept away in his penetrating search for truth and basic decency.

    Having just read his obituary in the Coast News, I am heartened to find out that he led such a richly varied and exciting life. He was a man of fierce intellect, and great passion. He led an astonishingly full life. For that I am grateful. It is clear that he loved greatly, and was loved greatly in return.

    There is a common, and somewhat cynical saying, that “no one is irreplaceable.” But, Bob’s passing proves the saying to be false. Bob is not replaceable – he was truly one-of-a-kind.

    I know that I should be giving thanks for the life of Bob Nanninga. But in this moment, all I can do is cry for the loss of an amazing man whom I never had the chance to meet in person.

    We have witnessed the passing of a giant soul.

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