Columnist, community figure dies

Local figure Bob Nanninga died after a battle with pneumonia Feb. 14. Nanninga was a fixture in both North County politics and the arts as well as a longtime columnist for the Coast News Group. Leave your thoughts here.


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  1. Machel Penn says:

    Incredibly Sad. My wishes go out to his family. He was a gifted writer, a witty intelligent person and with such spirit for life. He will be missed.

    My deepest sympathies to all of his good friends and families at the Coast News Group.


    Machel Penn

  2. Tony Riggs says:

    Seriously, I thought the guy was half baked and after not seeing his rants, figured maybe he either moved away, offed himself or the Coast News dropped him. I will certainly agree he was passionate about his beliefs but so are religious nuts.


  3. Steve C says:

    I wish I could have gotten to meet Bob in person. As it is, I only know him from his columns, his blogs, and his campaign (all of which I have marked as “favorites”), and through our correspondence. I believe that we all came here to do something in this life, and that when we’ve accomplished that something (or there’s no chance we’re going to), then it’s time to move on. It doesn’t matter whether or not the rest of us who are left behind are ready for someone to move on or not. I feel certain that Bob accomplished what he came here to do. Enjoy the Summerland, Bob! Come back to us when you’re ready; we’ll be waiting.

  4. Gary Young says:

    We are all saddened by your passing…We looked foward to your column & thank you for your environmental & political concerns for the world as a whole.For all your energy & accomplishments you put into our beautiful “Surf City” “Encinitas”.You will be missed!I hope more people will be inspired by what you were trying to accomplish and take on the challenge and fight for what is right!I propose a “Bob Nanninga Day” & a bronze statue be erected in Cottonwood Creek Park as well as a mighty oak planted in your name!

  5. Alex N says:

    Bob will truly be missed. He was such an honest and passionate voice on how important the environment is to all of us. Its so tragic how the good die young while the bad people are able to live out long lives in power and wreak so much environmental and social destruction. Rest in peace Bob. You have inspired many others to follow in your footsteps and we will keep up the fight for social and environmental justice.

  6. Planetary Pnemonia says:

    You couldn’t have said it better Bob and I’m sorry you suffered so you could tell us. I hope the Coast News will publish your full article online; complete with your poem from the ICU.

    Ann in Leucadia

  7. Barbara W says:

    I am shocked and saddened that Bob has gone. He gave so much and truly cared about the environment. I loved to read his column because he had the intelligence and courage to speak out about issues, saying unpopular things that needed to be said. I’m sure he inspired many people and his work will live on.

  8. Dave Wood says:

    What a shocking and tragic loss. Bob was intellectually brilliant, hysterically funny, and outrageously passionate about everything he did. Agree with him or not, but he will certainly be missed.

  9. John Smith says:

    I knew Bob as a fellow commissioner and i thought i loved the woods.Bob protected all that is good on this planet. I did not realize the impact Bob had on me until i read his last article from the ICU. Bob was an original and I will miss him. I am grateful that i had the opportunity to meet him and i will not forget the last time i waved to him at his cafe. I also enjoyed the fact him mom recalled Bob referring to her as mom unit. Classic Bob…

  10. Nancy DeGhionno says:

    Bob had such a passionate devotion to sustainability and California natives. You could always count on him to show up at city hall, etc. and make his case, even if everyone else was concentrating on everything else. He had a strength and determination about him that almost guaranteed some form of concession from those misaligned from his views. When I left the Parks and Recreation Commission, partially in honor of my Shade Crusade, he and fellow commissioners gave me a t-shirt that reads Plant a Tree, of course. Just can’t believe we have lost The Bob. I’ve decided to name my vermicompost in his honor: Worm Street Cafe. I think he’d like that.

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